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Expand your client base prospecting MODULE THREE


Look up the definition of prospect. What?


Develop new business opportunities. Why?


Numbers game and beyond. How?

Means to an End:

Means to an End Determine how many clients you want. 10:3:1 Ratio 1new client = meet 3 prospects 3 appointments= call 30 people 10 qualified suspects  3 prospects  1 sale Determine weekly dedicated prospecting time. 3 hours? 8 hours? Prospecting efforts require Time, Money & Commitment


PROSPECTING Referrals Visits Phone Calls Website Elevator Speech Marketing Networking events Join a group Pro-bono work Host an event

Develop Relationships:

Develop Relationships Be a partner, not a vendor. 30/70 rule: asking questions/listening Clearly understand client’s goals (help client clarify goals) Demonstrate a knowledge of the seller’s business Develop a specific presentation to tell your story

Your Presentation- Solve Their Problem:

Your Presentation- Solve Their Problem Sincere compliment Get to know your prospect State specific examples of what your services can do and how those services can benefit your client Give specific example of previous satisfied customer s Create a desire by giving an example of the pitfalls of alternative methods (Auction vs. List) Paint a word picture of your prospect enjoying the results of your services Discuss your prospect’s objections and questions Ask your prospect for their business

Face-to-Face Meeting:

Face-to-Face Meeting Spend no more than one-half hour, unless prospect or circumstances indicate otherwise. Introduction Executive summary of company Identify/define seller’s goals Portable presentation (portfolio or digital) Questions/thoughts on presentation Wrap-up/gather client information Plan next steps 30/70 – ask and listen Always follow up


Post-Meeting Periodic personal visits Regular phone calls or e-mails between visits Hand written notes Prospect should receive something with your name on it once a month


Tech-Tools Contact Management Program Client Log/Data –Act!, Outlook, MS Access, Prophet CRM, Goldmine, Maximizer , Salesforce Build what you’ve learned about your clients into your database Add regular call back dates to your contacts – use the reminders on your email, scheduling program to remind you

From Prospect to Client:

From Prospect to Client Service – Prompt response is essential. Make an appointment to see client and property AS SOON AS POSSIBLE “Under promise, over deliver.” Always be committed to work hard to obtain the highest price and best results possible. Back up what you say. Determine marketability of property Analyze buying market for property Obtain necessary information to prepare a proposal BE HONEST with the client. Especially if you do not feel there is value in the item(s) being discussed. “I would rather turn you down than let you down .”



Start Searching:

Start Searching Who do I want to do business with ? Hospice officials Funeral directors Friends Relatives Fellow members of organizations Religious organizations Civic organizations Clubs Other auction marketers Attorneys Bankers Certified public accountants Bankruptcy Trustees Probate judges & attorneys Financial planners and advisors Trust department officers Appraisers County assessors Retirement community officials

Finding Leads:

Finding Leads How do I find leads? Websites, networking, social groups Bankruptcy filings and assets Foreclosure Filings Local MLS expired listings Realtor websites Government RFPs Online commerce directories Discussion forums by specialty Website lead forms

Compile a list of 10 new potential leads for your business. :

Compile a list of 10 new potential leads for your business.

Practice your promotions. :

-30 second elevator speech -3 minute self introduction -30 minute meeting framework Practice your promotions.


Complete. prospecting MODULE THREE