History- Part 3

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History of Auctions:

Auctioneering is the oldest profession. History of Auctions

What Can Be Sold at Auction?:

Literally, Everything and Anything. What Can Be Sold at Auction?

Sold at Auctions:

Sold at Auctions Real Estate Houses Automobiles Motorcycles Heavy Equipment Farm Machinery Livestock (all types) Oil & Gas Leases Furniture Charity & Fundraising Delinquent taxes

Types of Auctions :

Types of Auctions English auction Dutch auction Sealed first price auction Silent auction Procurement auction Open outcry auction Japanese auction Written Bid auction Handshake auction Whisper auction Time – Interval auction Chinese auction Swiss auction Online auction

Becoming an Auctioneer:

Becoming an Auctioneer Attend an auction school Include training seminars Bid calling Live public auctions

Ring Person:

Ring Person Assists the auctioneer in conducting the auction communicates with the bidder and the auctioneer Allows the bidders questions to be answered Allows for the auction to flow smoothly.

A Bit More…:

A Bit More… Buyer’s Premium Auctioneering Fields Gender in Auctioneering Family Life Enjoy Your Life

Thank You!:

Thank You!