History- Part 2

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History of Auctions:

Auctioneering is the oldest profession. History of Auctions

Early American Auctioneer Trade Cards:

American Auctioneers were good Marketers Early American Auctioneer Trade Cards

The Auctioneer as a “Hustler” :

Note Auctioneer with rolled up Auction Flag on post Pawn Broker sign of “3 balls” Sign: Money Loaned, Second Hand Goods Bought & Sold, Will Trade for Anything The Auctioneer as a “Hustler”

20thC American Auction Galleries:

20 th C American Auction Galleries


Auctions were going strong before WWI Horse “Flying Fox” sold at $191,000 in New York 1930’s – Great Depression – Foreclosures taint Real Estate Auctions. WWII consumes all resources, reduces domestic Auctions America 1920s & 1930s

Modern Era:

The 1990’s 2007 Technology 50,000* auctioneers in US Appraisals 5,500* membership in NAA Internet *approximate numbers Modern Era

What Can Be Sold at Auction?:

Literally, Everything and Anything. What Can Be Sold at Auction?