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Utilities Dropbox - synchronizes files among computers Synergy - shares keyboard and mouse for multiple computers over network Evernote – store text, audio and picture notes and access from anywhere Dimdim - free Internet meetings and seminars – find open source alternatives to commercial software

V. Gadgets:

V. Gadgets


Phones Phone or computer? Next generation of smart phones blur the lines Google Android Apple iPhone Palm WebOS Windows Phone 7 Blackberry


Netbooks Small notebooks Focus on providing browser Doesn't have to be fast Less storage and memory Asus EeePC, Acer Aspire One Some with integrated wireless Subsidized like a mobile phone Many run Linux or Chrome OS to keep costs down $199 - $600

Media players:

Media players Useful for playing netcasts or audiobooks Common types Apple iPod Microsoft Zune Creative Zen Most modern phones Many can record digital audio Record auctions and copy to server for archival Some have wireless and web browser iPod Touch, Microsoft Zune

Miscellaneous devices :

Miscellaneous devices eBook readers have E Ink screen Amazon Kindle Barnes and Noble nook Drobo safely stores your data Tablets – iPad , Andriod , WebOS , Chrome OS TV Boxee , Roku Google TV, Hulu Desktop Windows Media Center What else?



VII. Resources:

VII. Resources Auction Technology Specialist ATS designation NAA free website NAA auction calendar NAA cashless commerce NAA forum AuctioneerTech resources Auction Podcast

Module 7: Technology:

COMPLETE. Module 7 : Technology