How To Lose Stomach Fat - Balance Your Sugars

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Balancing your blood sugar is an important way to facilitate long term fat loss. This presentation covers 9 proven ways of keeping your blood sugar stable and promoting weight loss. Read more about this topic here


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19 October 2016 Balance Your Blood Sugar… Lose Fat

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Why Blood Sugar ✤ The foods you eat heavily influence your blood sugar level and likelihood of weight gain. ✤ Many people find stabilising blood sugar is sufficient to promote long term weight loss ✤ Here are 9 proven ways to balance your blood sugar more effectively

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3-5 Meals A Day ✤ Don’t skip meals ✤ Irregular eating habits can play havoc with your blood glucose level ✤ Focus on smaller more regular meals with to maintain a stable blood sugar concentration

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Focus on Whole Foods ✤ Whole foods are foods that are unprocessed or unrefined and free from additives ✤ They contain fewer calories and high nutrients and vitamins ✤ They provide great support for insulin function

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Avoid Unwanted Added Sugars ✤ Processed foods are high in added sugars ✤ Added sugar provides limited nutrition value and are laden with calories ✤ They can play havoc with your insulin response

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Balance Y our Diet ✤ What is a balanced diet ✤ A balanced diet includes a range of foods your body needs to function effectively. ✤ Healthy fats unrefined carbs lean proteins and high fiber content is important

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Time T o Hit The Kitchen ✤ Cook more meals at home ✤ This way you have greater control over what is in your meal ✤ Restaurants and fast food chains often use large volumes of sugars oils and other high calorie dressings and sauces

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Don’t Forget T o Eat Brekkie ✤ Breakfast is the most important meal of the day ✤ Consume a healthy breakfast that will provide a stable blood sugar for the morning ✤ e.g. Plain oats unsweetened low fat yoghurt fruit and nuts. ✤ Avoid sugary cereals pastries and other high GI alternatives.

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Eat Healthy Snacks ✤ Avoid reaching for chocolate chips or cookies ✤ Have healthy snacks on hand at all times ✤ Apples bananas almonds or other nuts are a great option

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Exercise ✤ Exercise supports healthy insulin function ✤ Exercise regularly to deplete your muscle glucose stores and improve insulin sensitivity ✤ It will also help reduce stress and promote weight loss

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Get Sufficient Sleep ✤ Sleep impacts the hormones that influence insulin and blood sugar levels. ✤ Ghrelin and Leptin become impacted when tired - which can lead to overeating and weight gain

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