Common Business Etiquette

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To build up professional life style to met business need is very useful as a good one top executive. As a business manager e


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Common Business Etiquette:

Common Business Etiquette Promptness Preparation Appearance Decorum Communication Appropriateness Common Business Etiquette Should Follow


This is first step to explore exhibit professionalism and consistence interest in business meeting. A business professional who is regularly late for appointments reflects the bad impression that he/she does not respect the value of time of other people.

Meeting Preparation :

Meeting Preparation Give your agenda a title. Include "who?", "where?", and "when?" information in the header. Write a brief statement of the meeting objective(s). Write a schedule outlining the main elements of the meeting. Allocate time in the schedule for any special guests. Leave extra time at the end of the meeting for Q&A. Check the agenda for errors before distributing it.

Meeting Appearance:

Meeting Appearance To Improve Business Appearance Body language is one of the most important aspects of business presentation. The physical appearance conveyed by yourself should support and enhance what is being communicated verbally. If the visual image differs widely from the spoken message, it is often the non-verbal account that is believed. Adherence to the proper etiquette for a business meeting establishes respect among meeting participants, helps the meeting begin and end on time, and fosters an atmosphere of cooperation.

Professional Decorum:

Professional Decorum Business & Personal Decorum Business & Personal Decorum

Communication Appropriateness:

Communication Appropriateness Communicate Effectively Communication is the lifeblood of business. For people to get along, work in unison and establish professional relationships with one another, they must communicate with the appropriate etiquette. Listening skills are a main part of communication etiquette. When others are speaking do not interrupt them. Employ active listening techniques, such as making good eye contact and showing the speaker that you are paying attention to them. Smart Way of Business Communication

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