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This is part 3 of a 4-part series of guided contemplations for Advent. Today, we contemplate Jesus as the face of God's love


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What Child is this? guided contemplations for advent using art, photography and scripture

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third week of advent, 14-20 december contemplating Jesus as Love

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Settling into prayer… Quieten yourself and sense God’s presence in you. Rest with God. Know God is with you, now and always.

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Begin by repeating these phrases in your heart slowly... Allow the meaning of these words to sink into you more deeply: Come, Lord Jesus, come. Come and be with us. Come and be our light; come and be our love.

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Let us begin by reflecting on love in your family life

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Where there is doubt... not enough faith... by carf A family is like a safe haven...

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One is accepted, respected, and affirmed...

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One is forgiven, and can forgive...

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Happiness is possible...

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Every family is founded on love ... All families are called to love... Each family is God’s beloved...

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Does your family really love? Could your family love better? Share with the Lord honestly...and with hope.

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Let us next contemplate THE LOVE Jesus promises every person, every family

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Holy Family with lamb by Raphael, 1507 Spend some time to contemplate this painting. As I gaze on this, I am most moved by…

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Holy Family with lamb by Raphael, 1507 I take a careful look at the scene, and what I really see is…

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Holy Family with lamb by Raphael, 1507 I wonder how Mary and Joseph felt as they embraced Jesus…

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Holy Family with lamb by Raphael, 1507 Rest in the love they shared… Celebrate its goodness… Interiorize this truth.

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Holy Family with lamb by Raphael, 1507 Now, speak with God about your contemplation and His love for you and your family…

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Jesus is the face of God’s love. The evangelist John proclaims this …

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For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. For God sent the Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through Him. John 3: 16-17 Rest in this Truth of our faith…

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Finally, we invite Jesus’ transforming LOVE into our life and family

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Advent’s dawning light helps us better see that God’s Love is the reason for this season. God’s transforming Love renews every family. Jesus is God’s Love in our home.

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Jesus’ Love satisfies… In Him, we know we are God’s beloved and we can love. Spend some time to reflect on: “How is Jesus present in my family?” “Can I celebrate His Love for us? “Is there a family member I should say, ‘I love you !’ to?” Now, savour the goodness of Jesus’ Love.

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End by speaking to the Lord: “Dear Jesus, Your Love gives me strength to ask for Your Holy Spirit as I look ahead to Christmas. Remind me to celebrate Your Love in my life with gratitude. Grant me the grace to love my family more generously and joyfully. We are a people walking in darkness and seeking Your assuring Love... To You we say, Come, Lord, Jesus! Come and fill us with Your Love!” Glory be to the Father…

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Next week, will be our final contemplation to prepare spiritually for Christmas. We hope you will join us. ©adrian.danker.sj, 2008