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The AdonisOne™ Portable in-flight entertainment system delivers media and a worldwide moving map system directly to any smart personal device.


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In-Flight Entertainment System:

In-Flight Entertainment System Sream Music , Movies and Magazines In Flight © 2018 AdonisOne a Paradigm Tech, LLC Company

Laptops, Phones and Tablets:

Laptops, Phones and Tablets Stream to any mobile device in flight with the AdonisOne IFE Systems © 2018 AdonisOne a Paradigm Tech, LLC Company

Moving Map System:

Moving Map System Our portable i n-flight entertainment s ystem include a moving map system © 2018 AdonisOne a Paradigm Tech, LLC Company

About Us:

About Us About Our In-flight Entertainment System and Experience Technical Support Mobile Interface Design User Experience Hardware Reliability © 2018 AdonisOne a Paradigm Tech, LLC Company 4 The Paradigm Tech, LLC  AdonisOne  portable in-flight entertainment system and experience combines state of the art aviation entertainment technology and hardware reliability to create the perfect user experience.

How Our IFE System Works:

How Our IFE System W orks Our premium IFE system is quick to set up and easy to use. Simply take AdonisOne ™ out of its case and place it anywhere in the aircraft. Press one button to power on the IFE system. Within 30 seconds you’ll see a AdonisOne WiFi signal on your personal device. Connect to the WiFi signal and enjoy the AdonisOne inflight entertainment experience! © 2018 AdonisOne a Paradigm Tech, LLC Company 5


AdonisOne Contact us : Address : 417 Bryant Cir, Ojai, CA 93023 Mobile No. : 1-312-260-1141 Thank you For Watching

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