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The European Union 1:

The European Union 1 All photographs and graphics courtesy of European Commission Audiovisual Library

The European Union:

The European Union

The EU, USA and Japan:

The EU, USA and Japan Comparison between Japan-EU-USA population, share of world GDP, share of world trade




Political EU Parliament – Currently 785 MEPs. Based in France, Belgium and Luxembourg Passes laws, monitors budget, monitors EU institutions EU Council – Ministerial representations from each member state Passes laws, approves EU budget, co-ordination of economic policies, develops foreign policy, co-ordinates anti-crime strategies EU Commission – 20 Commissioners appointed by each member state every 5 years Proposes legislation, implements EU policies, law enforcement, international co-ordination


Financial European Central Bank – inflation target of less than 2% per year, sets short term interest rates for the whole eurozone area, Implements and monitors Eurozone monetary policy European Investment Bank – ‘owned’ by member states. Raise finance through financial markets, Invest in projects to promote aims of EU – large scale projects Court of Auditors – monitors legality and efficiency of EU income and expenditure


Legal Court of Justice – one judge from each member state Interprets and applies EU legislation

Member States pre-Enlargement:

Member States pre-Enlargement

Member States:

Member States Map reproduced with permission from

Enlargement - New Members:

Enlargement - New Members Cyprus Czech Republic Estonia Hungary Latvia Lithuania Malta Poland Slovakia Slovenia




Agriculture CAP – Common Agricultural Policy Sustainablility Food Quality Animal Welfare Food Safety Control Farmers welfare/incomes Employment in agriculture


Fisheries CFP – Common Fisheries Policy Conservation of fish stocks Aid to fishing industry to cope with changing circumstances Monitor supply and demand for fish Negotiate with non-EU members on fishing issues


Regions European Regional Development Fund European Social Fund European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance Aims to encourage development of poorer regions Increase employment opportunities Encourage new industry to locate in areas of structural decline Develop infrastructure in poorer regions Encourage new training methods and facilities


Finance/Economics Euro – monitor introduction and development Tax Harmonisation – reduce differentials in tax regimes throughout the single market to aid competition and transparency Single Market – free movement of goods, services, labour and capital between member states

Eurozone 2001:

Eurozone 2001 Members of the Eurozone, 2001. UK, Denmark and Norway currently outside the zone

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