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Add amazing features & functionalities to get your app developed in less time and cost. Dive into a detailed app development cost breakdown structure.


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Planning to Develop a Unique Mobile App Not Sure How Much Would It Cost Here’s the Breakdown Every year the app development economy is increasing at a rapid speed  whether it is iOS or Android. Talking about the first quarter of 2019 itself  around ​2.47 million apps​ are available on Google Play making it the  biggest app store. While the Apple App store is on the second-highest  position with ​1.8 million ​apps available for Apple users.   These stats are a direct sign of how quickly the apps are being developed  launched and ready for usage. However the most important thing that  businesses need to be concerned about along with the quick app

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development is how to develop apps that become successful in the long  run.   For that to happen you need to do a lot of market research and come up  with an idea that is not only unique from others but also has the ability to  provide an amazing experience to the users.   Once you have a cool app idea and have figured out the features  functionalities UI you are going to integrate the major concern that you  need to look up to is the cost of developing your app.    Is it under your set budget or do you need to exceed a bit  Although there is no set bar on which the cost of app development relies I  have mentioned the cost of some basic factors that are a must for ​mobile  app development​ and cannot be ignored.   So let’s find out what are they.  Factors Determining the App Development Cost  1. Vendor  The cost of app development highly depends on the type of vendor you’re  choosing:

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Freelancers  table id7 /  App Development Company  table id9 /  Now the cost of development can be calculated based on two major  factors:  a. The number of hours a company or a freelancer invested in your project.

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b. The App development firm you’re choosing:    2. The Purpose of your App  The cost of app development directly depends on the complexity of the  issues your app is going to resolve. Vendors would charge more for the  development of the app with a complex solution owing to the technological  dependencies.

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We’ve covered this topic in detail in another Blog: ​Should I Hire A  Developer Or Learn To Code for Mobile App Development​  3. App Development Stages    4. Type of App Platform You Choose  The cost of app development does not vary whether you build an Android  app or iOS. You won’t even find a difference in the development cost for  various devices. In fact it makes a difference when you move from one  platform to another compare a native app with a cross-platform app or a  web app with a mobile app.    Read more about it – ​Framework for Apps

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5. The Design Complexity  The design and visualization of an app make it even more expensive. Any  app that is built without any animations or graphics would be a lot cheaper  than the application built using AR/VR technology as the greater  technological efforts are required. Therefore the app development cost  breakdown highly depends on the design complexity you choose.   Here we’ve covered the difference between ​Designing for Webs App vs  Mobile App  6. Features and Functionalities   What makes your app  Of course the features that you integrate. Some apps are dependent on the  device inbuilt features such as motion sensors and GPS while others do not  require such features and work independently. Therefore the breakdown of  the cost of your application is done based on how dependent your app is.  Greater is the dependency higher will be the cost.   7. Technological Aspects  Technically scaling your app means that you would like to make use of  innovative technologies such as AI RPA Machine Learning Blockchain

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and so on. Such technologies not only have the capability to take your app  to the next level but also enhances the way your business works.  Therefore technology is the number one factor that determines the cost of  your app. The more technical your app is the costlier it would be.  8. Third-party Integrations  Third-party integrations help you to develop your application in a  customized way and at the same time you can add as many features you  want to improve your business processes. As these third-party APIs let you  do the work at your own pace they add up to the project cost you might  have set.  9. App Data Storage  App data storage is again an important factor to consider while  determining the breakdown of your app development cost. In case your app  data is stored in the cloud the cost will be a lot lower as the businesses are  charged on the basis of storage capacity. Moreover there is no additional  cost that you have to pay for its maintenance.   Data-on-premise storage on the other hand is expensive as the data is  stored on local servers computers or on other devices. And for that

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businesses have to buy the server set it up at their headquarters and store  all the crucial data.   10. App Security and Testing  Security measures are a must in today’s growing amount of hacks and  security breaches. This is why you need to make your application in a way  that it is a hundred percent hack-proof. And so you shouldn’t be worried  about the cost in this section.  Once you have secured your app the next thing is to test your app whether  or not all the features and functions are working in the way they are  supposed to work. Talking about the cost of testing automated testing is  cheaper than the manual one. However to make sure you get impeccable  results it becomes important that you combine both the methods.   Read To Ensure Project Quality  11. App Deployment and Maintenance  Firstly you need to decide on which platform you want to launch your app.  The yearly fee of the Apple App store is 99 while the Google store charges  25 as its one-time fee. Not only this you might have to pay taxes if your  app carries an in-app mode of payment for both Android as well as iOS.

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Talking about the future maintenance fee of your app you can choose a  plan based on yearly quarterly or on a monthly basis as per your budget  and requirements.   table id10 /  Let’s Get Started  Now that you know every single detail and app development cost  breakdown you can set a budget as per your app requirements and easily  make an informed decision.   I hope this blog helped you to understand the app development cost  breakdown If yes then do not forget to share your app success story with  us

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