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SEO is very much important for any website or business if you want to make the rank of your website SEO must be needed, without SEO no one can rank business or website in-country.


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IMPORTANCE OF SEO FOR WEBSITE SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization it means a ranking of the main website or WebPages with the help of a special keyword. So the search engine or user can easily find the site with the help of special keyword which is called SEO. Where does SEO come from Although it may be important to our day to day lives the truth is that Google did not even exist until 1996 and still today there are some places in the world where it is not particularly popular. The origin of these kinds of tools known as search engines beginning of the 90s when the website craze began. Almost all websites have the same target to attract quality traffic. Search engines are one of the most effective ways to attract interested visitors. Webmaster began to realize this and began competing among each other to be the highest position on search engines. So SEO was born. Exactly what happened to SEO To understand the perfect meaning of SEO break that these as follows. Quality of traffic:-you can attract all the visitors In the world by the simple ranking of our website to SERP Page. Most of the people can search for any site by special keyword. Quantity of traffic:- once you have entered with a special keyword from SERP pages. more traffic is better. Also more information about Google digital marketing Why SEO is important to any website. It increases the visibility:- if suppose your website rank on a particular keyword is 1000 likes you will increases your website rank on search engine result page by SEO. It can improve your website-website ranking on Google page gets the increase by SEO. Most of the internet user is most likely to click on the first 5 topics on search engine result page. so SEO helps to rank the website to reach on top 5 positions on the search engine result page. Web traffic:- increasing web traffic is one goal for SEO and if you want to increase traffic you want to increase visibility and ranking and for that you need to do more practice on SEO.

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It increases the profit of business:- if you made perfect SEO of your business then marketing can be done best way of your business. We can check more about 6 months internship program Here is some factor which affects on SEO. Technical SEO:-with the help of technical SEO we can crawl and index your website without any issue. ON page SEO:-It is the kind of SEO in which we need to check the care of your website. Practices include optimizing title tags content internal links and URLs. OFF page SEO:-It is one of the parts of SEO that we can create back link on different sites. So Google crawler check the back links and with the help of these created back links we can rank the website. In the end SEO is important is that it can help to rank the website.SEO helps to make relations with the audience improve customer experience drive more people on your site it means more growth of your Website. hence SEO is important for any website. Also get knowledge about PHP internship in Nagpur

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