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Shafiq Patel lets it know is smarter to comprehend the utilization of catalog accommodation in SEO. This strategy is utilized as a part of request to develop the ordering of site by getting backlinks from high web indexes. Backlinks of value upgrades the positioning of our watchword in web crawlers and helps us to develop the activity of our blog and the rank of our page. For more updates and Adam Umerji click here..


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Adam Umerji —Adam Umerji | Shafiq Master | Shafiq Patel 2

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Revealing key points one at a time enhances comprehension.-Adam Umerji 3

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According to Adam Umerji you want more people to notice your business that you are having a site for your business. This is mainly what the Local SEO and SEO are used for. Adam Umerji say the fact that Local SEO will target the people in the area where your business is located according to Mr. Adam Umerji making it more applicable for you Mr. Adam Umerji say for instance here is how local SEO works – If your business is pharmacy operating in Town B and somebody types “Pharmacy Town B” in a search engine PREPARE 4

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Shafiq Patel tells It is better to understand the use of directory submission in SEO. This method is used in order to grow the indexing of website by obtaining backlinks from high web directories. Backlinks of quality enhances the ranking of our keyword in search engines and assists us to grow the traffic of our blog and the rank of our page. FACT —Adam Umerji | Shafiq Master | Shafiq Patel

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6 6 1 Why does this matter to your audience Where are you taking them

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7 2 SUPPORT We perceive the world through more than our eyes and ears we smell we touch and we taste. Put your audience in that place and provide them a point of reference the imagination will do the rest. Images are a great tool for showing context

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