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Motion Laboratories specializes in Cell Mate Load Cell Systems and Powersafe Connectors. For portable electrical power distribution systems with Powersafe Connectors contact Motion Labs.


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Cell Mate Load Cell System Monitor Your Load Cells in Real Time Rig with confidence, using the most trusted name in load cell systems..

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Load Cells All of our load cells are designed with a minimum 5:1 safety factor. Our standard stainless steel link is the most cost effective solution and is available in two ton, five ton and six ton capacities. We also offer a shackle pin load cell for low headroom requirements .  Our load cells have a proven track record for over 20 years of service in the field and we offer yearly certification programs to maintain accuracy .

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Cell Mate Hubs and Displays The Motion Labs Cell*Mate™ hub is the data collection component of the Cell* Mate™load cell system . Motion Labs manufactures these data hubs in aluminium frames with sturdy Boltaron shells that are truss mountable . Each hub has a powerCON input, with a pass through, rated at 120-240VAC 50/60Hz, eight inputs for load cells and a data output that transmits information to a display or control device.

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The Warden The Motion Labs Warden™ was designed to bring a level of load cell integration into the control circuit for electric chain hoist control systems. By monitoring each load cell independently and linking that data to the run command for that channel of hoist controller, you can effectively control each hoist based on weight limits entered into the system. This can be expanded upon to shut down the entire controller and alert you to the overweight or underweight condition .

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Load Cell Data Logger The Motion Labs Load*Cell™ Data Logger is a hardware/software package that is designed to display and record data from any Cell*Mate™ load cell system. The hardware portion of the system is a 19” rack mount 2RU device that receives data from any Cell*Mate™ hub or display. This device communicates to a PC through an Ethernet IP protocol. Connection can be to any a network via an Ethernet connection or a Motion Labs wireless bridge access point.

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