Five Items To Consider To Make Your Prom Night a Success

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Five Items To Consider To Make Your Prom Night a Success There are a lot of decisions that go into creating the perfect prom outfit. There are also essential parts of the attire that youll not want to forget. When contemplating your next prom outfit make sure you consider the following five essential elements. 1. Dress As the most important element in your prom outfit the dress sets the mood and tone for all other accessories youll be wearing. The importance of choosing the right gown cannot be stressed enough. Some things youll want to consider in choosing your dress: • Your Budget: How much are you able to spend on the perfect dress Some dresses can seem overwhelmingly expensive but many budget dress options exist. Choose the price that best fits your wallet. • School Rules: Depending on the rules of your particular school there may be special considerations as to what dresses you can and cant wear. Pay special attention to the dress code guidelines your school has set forth if necessary. • Prom Theme: Because most proms have some sort of theme that accompanies them you may want to choose a dress that fits it. Consider overall styles colors and textures when selecting your wardrobe.

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2. Makeup After choosing your dress the next thing to consider is makeup. Choose makeup colors that work best with what youll be wearing. If your dress is edgy and sparkly choose bright trendy tones that pair well. For sleek and elegant prom wear dark and minimal makeups pair drastically well with formal wear. 3. Handbag When choosing a handbag consider both look and function. A dark clutch bag pairs very well with a sleek elegant gown but youll need to carry it for most of the occasion. Instead you may want to try a wristlet or strap purse. And pack only the essentials: ID lipstick etc. Youll grow tired of carrying too much for too long. 4. Jewelry Jewelry should as a general rule be kept to a minimum. Choose pieces that are light in weight that pair well with your dress. Stick with earrings if desired a necklace and a bracelet. Match the jewelry’s look with the look of your dress

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and allow it to compliment -- but not distract from -- the other accessories you are wearing. 5. Shoes The last thing to consider is whats going on your feet. Youll most likely be standing and dancing for several hours so choose a shoe thats comfortable yet formal. Consider the shoes look color and material and dont neglect to consider heel height Its going to be a long night -- youll want comfort not pain in your heel. Your perfect prom outfit is just a few considerations away. When choosing the perfect attire for your prom be sure youve checked these five essential elements off your prom wardrobe list.

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