Hazards of e-wastes


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Hazards of E- wastes


INTRODUCTION What is e-Waste? electrical appliances ranging from personal computers to various household appliances e-Waste comprises of old electronic and such as TV’s, refrigerators, cell phones, switches, wires, batteries and fluorescent lamps.

Sources of e-Waste?:

Sources of e-Waste?

e-Waste in INDIA:

e-Waste in INDIA

What does it contain?:

What does it contain? Some e-Waste contains precious metal, such as gold, platinum, silver and copper e-Waste recycling is therefore considered as “mining above the ground”. Many components also contain hazardous substances like lead, cadmium and mercury

Batteries’ example:

Batteries’ example Bangalore generates 4,00,000 dry cell batteries every month They are corrosive, reactive and contain heavy metals Heavy metals may vaporise when burnt and leak when carelessly dumped



What can you do?:

What can you do?

Scientific recycling:

Scientific recycling

Example 1: computers:

Example 1: computers

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Hazards E- wastes Batteries Refrigerator cell phone fluorescent lamps Lead Cadmium Mercury Heavy metals

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