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Move around with proper support with help from these mobile products that ensure easy movement. We have a wide range of mobility medical supplies available with us. Visit Now:


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M E D I C A L E Q U I P M E N T : F O R F R E E D O M O F M O B I L I T Y

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Mobility solutions are developed to offer the independence of moving around to people who lack stamina or suffer from some disability that alters the hand or leg flexibility or movements. Mobility aids include a long list of products that are designed to serve the variating needs of individuals. Read through the blog for some of the most common mobility solutions: Wheelchairs The wheelchair can be operated by the individual using it or can be pushed by a companion. Wheelchairs are suitable for people that do not require a constant companion or for individuals that can be left unattended to move around with independence.

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Transport Chairs Transport chairs are ideal for people who cannot propel themselves and they are pushed by a companion. When compared with a wheelchair this mobility aid is light in weight and can be easily folded and taken to different locations. Medical Scooters Electric scooters are suitable for people with less arm and shoulder flexibility or less stamina. They are ideal for individuals with whole-body disabling conditions but can walk a few steps sit upright without support and control a steering wheel.

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Before you decide on buying one for yourself or your loved ones you need to get your needs assessed by a rehabilitation expert or a physician. Each of these mobility solutions come with different seat dimensions and weight-bearing capacity to meet individual requirements. The medical electric scooters come with different speeds that must be carefully chosen to ensure the safety of the user. These scooters have different operating ranges and battery charge time so chose what meets your mobility requirement. We at ACG Medical aim at providing long-lasting and high-quality medical supplies mobility products and other equipment that enhances the user comfort and precisely cater to individual requirements.

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