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Qualified professionals are must for boiler installation, maintenance and repairs. Here are some reasons why you should opt for a professional boiler installation.


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When it comes to the boiler installation, many homeowners are tempted to do it themselves, because to them boilers are simple to operate. They function on fewer moving and mechanical parts than heat pumps and furnaces. Boilers work by heating water in the tank and pumping it through a series of pipes to cast iron radiators and baseboard heaters. The low number of moving parts is why boilers have a longer shelf life.


However, don’t let a simple design fool you into thinking, “this device doesn’t need servicing or maintenance”. In truth, it is a refined piece of technology that relies on qualified professionals for boiler installation, maintenance and repairs. This begs the question, why is boiler installation best handled by a professional?


Listed below are some reasons why you should opt for a professional boiler installation: → Gas boilers are the most popular type. Since they need to be hooked up to the main gas line, only a trained technician will be able to conduct installations. → It is prohibited in many provinces to conduct boiler installation without a professional license.


→ Installing a gas boiler by yourself is too dangerous. Negligence on your part can put your family and your neighbours at risk for gas explosion. → Boilers require sizing, in order to provide a certain level of heat in the home. Only an experienced HVAC technician can correctly judge this.


→Boilers that are installed by DIY enthusiasts are more prone to leaking due to poor connections between valves and pipes. Leaks due to shoddy soldering along the copper connections are a cause for concern. Leaks not only damage the boiler but the house as well. →A professional boiler installation will save you money on repairs. It will also increase the lifespan of the boiler. →In addition to installing your boiler, a boiler technician can offer you annual servicing for your device. This is both necessary and required in order to maintain the efficiency of your boiler.


At ACFurnaceGTA, we are certified and experienced boiler installation professionals. We guarantee an efficient and quality installation. Contact us to install your boiler!


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