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Here are 6 reasons why a rental tankless water heater makes more sense than investing in a bigger storage tank heaters. Contact now on 1(416) 554-9595 to know more.


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Top 6 Advantages of using Tankless Water Heaters


Tankless or On-Demand Water Heaters as they are popular called in the market have been making rave inroads into the rental service packages offered by HVAC contractors in Toronto. They are lovable because they are highly efficient. The biggest advantage of having them installed at home is their affordability. At half the prices of a new heater, you can rent a tank less water heater system that not just fulfils your hot water requirements, but also saves you energy bill cost big time.


Here are 6 reasons why a rental tankless water heater makes more sense than investing in a bigger storage tank heaters.


1. Long life operation Tank less water heaters come with a shelf life of 20+ years. They have a long life because of their in-demand operation. The conventional water tanks suffer from numerous issues related to heating coil corrosion and wiring faults. They run no risk of tank leaks in all the years of use. That is why HVAC contractors in Toronto prefer to give tank less water heaters on rental at great discounted fee.


2. Get continuous flow Tank less water heaters don’t come with a huge storage capacity, but what wins the heart is their instantaneous hot water supply. Within seconds, you can utilize and enjoy a continuous stream of water. If you have a single bathroom, fixing a tank less water heater makes more sense than getting a conventional storage-type water heaters.


3. Different sized water heaters for varied purposes Small tank less water heater is enough for a small family. If you have greater need of hot water supply, install a tank less water heater with larger capacity. Rental units give the customers a great opportunity to try out more tank less water heater installation points to fulfil their hot water requirements. They can easily supplement the tank less water heaters on rental with multiple point-of-use locations.


4. Zero cost of installation Rental tank less water heaters are the most amazing set of appliances you can lay your hands on. They are minimalistic in their appearance and render superlative output compared to their larger over-sized tanks. They seamlessly fit into your small bathroom and require no additional drilling and piping extensions. Small PVC tubes supply water to the taps, and it is an absolutely cost-free installation.


5. Multi-Purpose use T ank less water heaters have more use than you can imagine. Thanks to their flexibility in installation, the HVAC contractors also recommend the unit for use in laundry, dish washing and of course spa. The largest customer base of tank less water heaters in Toronto are spa and gym outlets. They can be fixed to regular taps and shower faucets, with no additional cost of installation.


6. Reduced Energy Bills: Tank less water heaters save on energy bills big time. Depending on the size of the household, the savings on water and energy could be anywhere between 10% and 50%! Since the hot water supply is instantaneous, it also saves on the waiting period. Get the rental tank less water heaters from certified HVAC Contractors in Toronto for best results.


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