Top 5 Furnace Problems that only Professionals can resolve


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We have listed the most commonly observed furnace problems that require immediate professional intervention. Don't try to troubleshoot these problems yourself just to save a few bucks! Instead hire a professional HVAC Contractor to help you with your furnace problems.


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Top 5 Furnace Problems that only Professionals can resolve


We have listed the most commonly observed furnace problems that require immediate professional intervention. 1 Gas leakage 2 Pilot lighting issues 3 Cycling problems 4 Sudden breakdown 5 Foul air with misty blow It goes without saying that any furnace problem, no matter how minor it may seem should always be handled by HVAC specialists. However, owners and furnace on rent users prefer to troubleshoot these problems on their own—just to save a few bucks!


1 Gas leakage High-efficiency gas furnace in Toronto are very popular considering all the safety features and the high performance rating. However, even the most contemporary furnaces in this segment are susceptible to gas leakage. Gas leakage are easily detectable with short bursts emanating from the vents and the pipes. Instead of keeping the unit turned on, immediately switch it off and empty the house after switching off the main supply lines for electricity and the gas.


2 Pilot lighting issues During the cold months, most furnace sale agencies are flooded with complaints related to ignition. The most common cause for this faulty ignition is the thermocouple damage or clogging of the pilot orifice. If the adjustment knob seems loose, get it replaced for free from the HVAC contractor Toronto agency who delivered it on rent to you.


3 Cycling problems There could be two types of cycling issues related to the high-efficiency gas furnaces in Toronto during the colder months. 1. Frequent On and Off/ Irregular cycles 2. Continuous running You should immediately raise an alarm with the local HVAC specialist if the furnace is running all the time smoothly, but the heating is not sufficient. Despite setting the temperature at a different point, the heating is poor, then the problem could be with the heat pump or with the filters. During coldest months in Canada, high-efficiency gas furnaces could get clogged due to moisture and dirt leading to motor overloading. It could be due to lack of maintenance, or dirty filters. Too much of wear and tear in the belts can also result in insufficient air blow and heat-control issues.


4 Sudden breakdown There are many reasons for the furnace to stop abruptly. It could be due to: ► Low thermostat setting not adjusted to automatic ► Tripping of the fuse/ circuit breaker ► Gas valve closed accidentally In most cases, the sudden breakdown could be due to the malfunctioning thermostat. You can verify that by taking the thermostat reading at different times of the day, or by checking the screen. If you are having persistent breakdowns, contact the HVAC contractor Toronto to fix these issues before it gets beyond repair.


5 Foul air with misty blow The purpose of installing a powerful high-efficiency gas furnace is to ensure best ambient temperature and quality air in the space. Due to age and possible fault in the ductwork installation, there could be bacterial growth and moisture leakage.The problem zeroes to the humidifier. Flow-through humidifier could be infected with a possible bacterial growth, and stagnant water in the ducts. For rented furnace users, all these problems have minimum chances of occurring in real-time operations. Best HVAC contractors recommend specialist professionals for troubleshooting purposes.


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