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Fully Automatic Strapping Machine A Fully Automatic Strapping Machines is used for strapping boxes or cartons using Polyethelene or Polypropelene straps. This eliminates the use of metal straps and produces a neat and faster strapping. We offer four models in the fully-automatic box strapping machines. The best part of any fully-automatic box strapping machine is that the entire operation is carried by the machine itself. We have a total of three types of fully-automatic box strapping machines that are classified as fully automatic strapping machine top roller machine and carton sealing machine. The 551TB model in fully automatic box strapping machine provides with the strap width of 8-15.5mm with the strap thickness of 0.5-0.75mm. The strap tension ranges from 10-70kg. The machine is super quick and has a rate of strapping of 27 straps per minute. The 551TB model in the carton sealing machine provides with strap width of 6-15 mm with a strapping speed of 1.5 sec/strap. The tension of strapping ranges from 5-40kg. The top roller machine is available in three models namely PW-0860AS2R PW-0860AS2B and PW-0860C. All the machines get the same strapping speeds.

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The machines are very easy to use without much expertise. The feed rate and sealing temperature can also be adjusted. Fully-Automatic machines are quick to use and simple to handle. It straps with good speed and high efficiency. The process is simple as well. The operator has to place the carton or box or the product that needs to be strapped on the floor of the strapping machine. The next step is to roll the feed of strap around the required product to be strapped. The strapping head hits a trigger which pulls the strap in the reverse direction which fastens the strap and builds tension in the strap after which the straps are heat sealed and then the strap is cut. Eventually the process keeps on repeating for the amount of boxes. Machines with high tables are suitable for general objects while the tables with medium height are suitable for packages that are large and heavier objects. The Fully Automatic Strapping Machines with close frame type layout are generally used nowadays. The machines also get easy to replace printed circuit board that controls feeding tensioning welding and sealing cooling of strap welds while other functions to provide trouble-free and low cost operations. The machines get electromagnetic clutch transmission that increases durability and motor life as well as increases strapping speed and reduces overall machine noise. We at Accurate Pack India have variety of products in packing major like semi-automatic box strapping machine fully automatic strapping machine semi-automatic pallet strapping machine shrink wrapping machine induction sealing machine pouch sealing machine and pallet strapping tool. www.accuratepackindia.com ©2019 www.accuratepackindia.com. Service offers complete packaging solutions. All Rights Reserved

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