Peerless Way to Enhance American English Pronunciation

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Here we mentioned some techniques which are extremely handy in Pronouncing American English. Use them and become proficient in pronouncing American English. For more information visit:


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PEERLESS WAY TO ENHANCE AMERICAN ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION For copious peopl e English is not the first language. They face difficulty in sentence ord er pronunciation and vocabulary. When a native speaker listen a word that they d o not und erstand cl early it becomes necessary for them to correct the word in their head before they continue listening a message. Because of the errors an individual makes it is hard er to und erstand. Sl owing d own all ows listeners to foll ow the conversation. Contrary to this if someone speaks too fast the listeners wont und erstand and easily give up. Specifically for English words l ots of movements in mouth are essential. When one speaks sl owly the mouth gets ad equate time to get into the right position to make the right sound. The correct English sounds require appropriate movement of mouth lips throat teeth and tongue. These structures need to work together for right sounds. Opening your mouth more is important as it all ows the sound to come out unrestricted and one can expect a stronger and cl earer voice. Focused pronunciation practice can yiel d excell ent results. Here are some of the peerl ess ways to enhance American English Pronunciation: Ben Franklin Exercise Ben Franklin Exercise is all about taking d etail ed notes of what you hear record yourself on the basis of what you have written d own. Once the recording is d one

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compare it and check whether its the same as original one. In a sentence there are pl enty of words so you need to put stress on the main words rather than the words adjoining them. Imitation Exercise Imitation exercise is extremely useful to und erstand how the pitch changes musicality of speech rather than individual words. When you hear something repeat it back in exactly the same way. Stressed syllabl es are cl earer l onger and l oud er. Unstressed syllabl es are reduced syllabl es shorter much l ess cl ear. Listen again and test your listening. Try to id entify the most stressed syllabl e. Sl ow d own move your mouth and speak up Sl owing d own when an individual speaks shows a dramatic improvement in English pronunciation. It is highly helpful in engaging audience and persuading them to listen what one is saying. News reporters and politicians usually speak in a sl ow manner so that their audience cl early und erstands what they want to say. If the speaker is not in a hurry peopl e listen attentively. When an individual sl ows d own the listener feels more comfortabl e in listening what the speaker has to say. Sl owing d own gives listeners to keep up what the speaker says. Presented By Pronouncing American English

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