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Social Media are mobile based and computer-mediated technologies to that allow people to share information ideas and interest. It together brings the news and trends easily to the people. As the number of internet users is growing rapidly we can say that the world is going on the steps of being digital. Today as the life became busy it is hard to find out time for small things. Different types of social media exist today like Facebook Pinterest LinkedIn and YouTube Google plus Tumblr snap chat and much more. Today here we will talk about Facebook. How it can be used for marketing to grow your business. Here I am sharing some tips for Facebook Marketing. Tips for Facebook Marketing by Digital Marketing Company in jaipur 1. Create Facebook Business Page: Facebook allows their user to create their business page to promote their brand. It is not a big task you can easily create a page. Facebook page is quite different from your profile as it provides some special services and tools to promote. 2. Related URL: Once you are done with your Facebook page a random URL will be assigned for example business/123456. It looks random so select relevant username like like this it will look great. 3. A great Cover Photo: Add a relevant cover photo related to your blog. A good cover picture will increase the attraction of visitors.

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4. Profile Picture: Update your account with the recognizable profile picture. A recognizable picture will increase peoples trust on you. 5. Be responsive to messages: The responsive time of yours messages will definitely leave a great impact on the users. So if you’re very quick to response the messages you will get the tag of “Very Responsive”. 6. Complete your profile: Fill up all the details about you and your brand so people can easily understand what type of services you are serving. 7. Best time to post: Check your insights on daily basis you will get the information that on which time the post are seen most. Timings will increase the visibility of your post to the targeted audience.

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