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Avoid using silver cleaner, steel wool pads, bleach or abrasive detergents, acids and chemicals such as pool chorine, battery acid, muriatic acid, solvents, glues and paint removers. ABI is a supplier of luxury bathroom products in Australia, all products are stocked locally and dispatched from our Gold Coast warehouse. Our passionate friendly team are ready to assist with any enquiry via phone, email or our online chat ! For More Information You Can Visit Here -


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ROUTINE CARE FOR STAINLESS STEEL STAINLESS STEEL SCRATCHING Due to the nature of stainless steel the surface scratches will happen. However these scratches rarely have any appreciable depth and will become less noticeable with time. The colour of the Stainless Steel Sink will develop a patina with time and will look better with time than during the first few months of use due to the fact that scratching will have evened out. CARING AND CLEANING OF STAINLESS STEAL Avoid using silver cleaner steel wool pads bleach or abrasive detergents acids and chemicals such as pool chorine battery acid muriatic acid solvents glues and paint removers. Also DO NOT deposit unprotected metal objects onto the stainless steel parts. Should stainless steel come into contact with strong acids flush it immediately with a large amount of water and clean it with a white cloth. Some food and corrosive substances e.g. fruit juice kitchen salt vinegar mustard mayonnaise. etc may also cause damage to stainless steel. Try not to leave these on stainless steel surfaces for a long period of time and it will avoid staining. Soft cloths and liquid household cleaners should be used for cleaning. Regular cleaning using soap mild detergent followed by a fresh water rinse is adequate for normal soiling. The inappropriate use of these materials in or around your stainless steel product will cause damage to the surface. PLEASE NOTE Due to the nature of surface treatment process each sink ends up with unique colour shade. STAINLESS STEEL AND MAINTENANCE