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What is it all about… It is our absolute pleasure to inform you that like every year, we are organizing our annual 4 day long Cultural Fest, “Eclecia 2011”, tentatively on the last week of february at the Heritage Grounds, the only difference being this year its going to be bigger and better both in quantity and quality, as this is going to be our 10th year. So we look forward to your support to make it a grand success.

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Band performance Fashion Show Music Dance Some of our Inter college events….

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Western music Talent Shows Cultural music

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And then on each evening of the 4 day fest we have guest performances by artists from all over India and also abroad….. Guest performance Suraj Jagan Performed at kolkata for the first time at our Fest….

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How we promote it….. Our Reach Radio Coverage Press Partner Television Partner Hoardings at major places in kolkata Teasers and event posters, which are send to all major colleges SMS Alerts

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Eclecia creates the buzz and make news…

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Our History…..What we have achieved till now….. 2006 2007 2008

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Events in Eclecia 2008…….

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Dr. Palash Sen Euphoria Guest Performers in Eclecia 2008 Prestorika Oikyotaan

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Eclecia 2009…….

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Guest Performers in Eclecia 2009 Prithibi Curtain Raiser at Mani Square Bickram Ghosh Breathe the Floyd Toshi

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Guest Performers in Eclecia 2010

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Our support……. & You Our Faculty Dedicated Students

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What is in it for you? Leverages: T.V coverage by NDtv(Subject to finalization) Radio coverage on 107.8 Power fm Print ads on times of india A4 full page spread on Annual college magazine. Hoardings at prime locations for 1 week Banners and glow signs within college premise.

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7.Standees at various outlets (subject to finalization) 8.Backdrop Logo for sponsors 9.Logo of the title sponsor on the certificates. 10.T-shirts with title sponsor logo.

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12.Annual souvenirs in form of CDs to be circulated to all approached companies along with the name of all the sponsors. 13.Sponsor ads telecast on the LCD screens throughout the fest. 14.Expected footfall of 5000 per day

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Some of Our Proud Associates from 2008… Title sponsor- Wipro,Oil India Ltd. Associate sponsor- IVY proffessionals. Co-sponsors- NIIT, British Council,Paharpur,Century Ply, Technophilia Solutions, Red Fm,Patton,Philips Carbon Black. Branding, prize and publicity partner-INOX,ACCORD Hoardings.

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Some of Our Proud Associates from 2009… Title sponsor- t2, Roland Event Partner- E365 Media Solutions, Mani Square Co-sponsors- Power FM, Timezone, Turtle, Career Launcher, Paharpur, Samsung, The Princeton Review, M.A. Motors Pvt. Ltd.

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Main Sponsor – Rs. 5,00,000/- Co-Sponsors – Rs. 3,00,000/- Associate Sponsors – Rs.1,50,000/- Events: Rate(Rs.) 1. So-La-Ti-Do : 20,000/- 2. Re – Play : 50,000/- 3. Nrityangan 75,000/- 4. Cacofony : 10,000/- 5. Bedazzled : 75,000/- 6. On the Rocks : 1,00,000/- 7. ‘Mad’vertisement : 10,000/- 8. Funtakshari : 10,000/- 9. Street Dancing: 15,000/- Sponsorship Details

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Events Rate(Rs.) 11. Lipi: 10,000/- 12. Momentia : 15,000/- 13. Moving Picture : 20,000/- 14. Blitzkrieg : 50,000/- Banners : Coverage Rate •Front Gate Banner Rs. 30,000/- •Onstage Banner Rs. 50,000/- •Offstage Banner Rs. 15,000/- •Flex (Every Three) Rs. 15,000/- •Main Gate Rs. 40,000/- •On Stage Video Publicity Rs. 30,000/-

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Performance Sponsors -- ( variable as per day) Food Sponsors (Exclusive) -- Rs. 30,000/- T-Shirt Sponsors- Rs. 50,000/- (10*10 ft. stall with fan, electricity provided) -- Rs. 20,000/-

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The events… So-La-Ti-Do The Solo singing competition where contestants throw their voices out to the crowd and sing their souls out to be the Sonu Nigam or the Enrique Iglesias of the campus… Event sponsor Amount:- Rs.20,000 The Dance Competition where contestants set the stage on fire with their electrifying moves and groove to the beats of divine melodies as East meets West on the Dance floor … Nrityangan Event sponsor Amount:- Rs.75,000

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Re-play The Drama competition where contestants set the stage on fire with their versatile acting in different plays… Event sponsor Amount:- Rs.10,000 Event sponsor Amount:- Rs.50,000 The Instrumental Competition where contestants create resonance with the harmonics from their ‘Vadya Yantras’ and play their way to become the “ustad” from among the participants… Cacofony

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Event sponsor Amount:- Rs.75,000 Event sponsor Amount:- Rs.1,00,000 The Haute couture where all the aspiring models dazzle the ‘lane to fame’ and showcase their talents through those scintillating gestures and attitude… Bedazzled The Band competition where contestants sing, scream and even growl striking the chords of rebellion and beats of fury to be the next GNR or Fossils… On the Rocks

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Event sponsor Amount:- Rs.10,000 Event sponsor Amount:- Rs.10,000 The Advertisement competition where contestants turn real creative ,funny and bring forth the freakiest of ideas as they try to advertise a product out to the world of the common… ‘Mad’vertisement An old wine in a new bottle where participants create a ‘linked-list’ of songs for which they need to keep humming the tunes as their minds flip through the pages of a thesaurus of songs…. Funtakshari

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Event sponsor Amount:- Rs.20,000 Event sponsor Amount:- Rs.20,000 Momentia Moving Picture In this photography event the contestants get a chance to bring the moving world to a standstill as they capture its contours and colors through an aperture! In this short movie making competition the contestants gear up to rule the celluloid world as they transfer their ideas and visions onto 8mm.

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Event sponsor Amount:- Rs.50,000 Event sponsor Amount:- Rs.10,000 BLITZKRIEG In this gaming event the contestants get to blow each other up with bazookas, crash into others’ mobikes, lazerise the contenders or rip through the cosmic fabric in their photon fuelled galactic warships as virtuosity gets redefined this year at Eclecia.Let the game begin… The Creative - Writing Competition where the poets take over as the participants pierce the gravel of parchments through cascades of thoughts and captivate the hearts with their magic of words and romance of verses… Lipi

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Event sponsor Amount:- Rs.15,000 On spot, quick time dancing event, where the participants will be given any random music, to which he needs to shake his leg and show his skills. You need to be on your move, all the time… Street dancing

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We at Heritage, does not only seek for Sponsorship Partners, we look out for building compact professional relationships, such that both of us can benefit from it…..