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This website exposes the flat earth deception and proves that the earth is globe shaped. This site discusses Earth maps which prove the earth is a globe


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The Flat Earth Myth The Flat Earth Myth is not the conviction that the Earth is level see The Flat Earth Society for the individuals who do hold this conviction. Or maybe the Flat Earth Myth is the idea that individuals previously especially Medieval Christians used to trust that the Earth was level. This conviction is still broadly acknowledged as chronicled actuality and it has been imbued into the exaggeration of Christians that is flowed today. Amusingly America Past and Present was my history course reading in fifth grade. Also however this myth has been expelled from most reading material therefore of the work by antiquarians of science the truth of the matter is that many individuals keep on holding this conviction including a significant number of the instructors presently educating today. You may have seen the picture that shows up at the highest point of this post. It is known as the Flammarion Woodcut and it is frequently appeared as a delineation of Middle Age confidence in a level Earth when in actuality the beginning of the woodcut has all the earmarks of being from the nineteenth century and was not planned to pass on the possibility of a level Earth see. So how did this myth turn out to be so pervasive today Once more the advancement of this myth backpedals to the nineteenth century with antiquarians like Andrew Dickson White exhibiting the account of Columbus battling with Church authorities for support for his voyage: "The fighting of Columbus the world knows well: how the Bishop of Ceuta worsted him in Portugal how sundry astute men of Spain went up against him with the standard citations from the Psalms from St. Paul and from St. Augustine how even after he was triumphant and after his voyage had extraordinarily fortified the hypothesis of the worlds sphericity with which the hypothesis of the antipodes was so firmly associated the Church by its most noteworthy expert seriously lurched and continued in going off to some faraway place." The possibility that White is by all accounts attempting to pass on is that even after Columbus gave "evidence" of the Earths sphericity the congregation kept on holding on in its mixed up faith in a level Earth. Irving - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Irving - Rip Van Winkle However present day students of history of science have convincingly exhibited that White and his peers werent right to relate the Middle Age Church with confidence in the level Earth. In fact the most punctual say that medieval individuals trusted that the Earth was level is found in the book The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus composed by American author Washington Irving noted for other such truly precise records as Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. And to know more than The Flat Earth Map is Collection of earth map where you can find at EARTHMEASURED

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