Black Tea Vs Green Tea

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Black Tea Vs Green Tea :

Black Tea Vs Green Tea 5 Major Differences Between

Both green tea and black tea originates from the same plant named Camellia Sinensis.:

Both green tea and black tea originates from the same plant named  Camellia Sinensis. Major differentiating factors between black tea and green tea are: Processing Method Color Difference EGCG Antioxidant Caffeine Content Fluoride Content  

Processing method:

Processing method Green tea doesn’t go through fermentation process. The process involves harvesting, withering and are either steamed or pan-fried. Black tea on the other hands goes through fermentation process. Similar to green tea, black tea leaves are harvested and withered. Later the leaves are rolled and are left to oxidize before drying.

Color difference:

Color difference The steaming/pan-frying process halts oxidation so the green tea leaves retain their green color. This also gives them a delicate, fresh and grassy flavor. Since Black tea goes through oxidation, the leaves darken in color. The fermentation gives the tea slightly stronger characteristics.

EGCG antioxidants:

EGCG antioxidants The production process of Green tea leaves doesn’t involve fermentation. It doesn’t suffer the oxidation process. This makes it extremely rich in the EGCG (epigallactocatechin gallate). On the other hand, Black tea is heavily oxidized during its production. This destroys the majority of EGCG anti oxidants present in black tea. This gives green tea an upper edge in terms of EGCG content.

Caffeine content:

Caffeine content The difference in caffeine will vary depending on the processing and plant variety. Green tea contains about 1/4th of  caffeine content in coffee. Usually, it is between 15 and 45 milligrams of caffeine per cup. Black tea contains about 1/3rd of caffeine content in coffee. For a cup of serving black tea provides about 40 to 70 milligrams of caffeine.

Fluoride content:

Fluoride content Fluoride is very important for healthy bones and teeth. Including fluoride in your daily diet prevents cavities and helps in stronger teeth. Green tea provides about 0.35 milligrams of fluoride per cup of serving. Black tea on the other hand contains between 0.2 and 0.5 milligrams of fluoride per serving. Hence, black tea edges green tea in terms of fluoride content present in tea leaves.


Conclusion Thank YOU for watching. We hope that we could create a fair showdown between black tea vs green tea. But the real success would be if you are able to make a decision about which tea to go far after reading this comparison guide .


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