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Video 4 – Teamwork : 

Video 4 – Teamwork 6 Principles of Teamwork Also watch Video 3 – Leadership. The leader and the team must have a good relationship.

Teamwork : 

Teamwork Principle #1 Team > Sum of Individuals Why work in a team? The team achieves greater than the individual.

Teamwork : 

Teamwork Principle #2 Shared Goals The team must have a shared Vision, shared Aims and Objectives. See Video 2.1 – Strategic Thinking, for more info on the above.

Teamwork : 

Teamwork Principle #3 Motivation “Actions are By Intentions” What is the intention that brings the team together? What intention keeps them working? Understand and use Intentions and Motivation.

Teamwork : 

Teamwork Principle #4 Roles Teams should have clearly defined Roles. Roles should play to the strength of individuals. Roles should be subject to the Goals.

Teamwork : 

Teamwork Principle #5 Communication Avenues of communication must exist. Even between brothers and sisters. The communication must be between team members, and not through the Leader/Chair. Establishing clear methods of communication to highlight completed tasks, problems, general updates and between team members allows the team to move forward successfully.

Teamwork : 

Teamwork Principle #6 Leadership A Chair or Leader of a team should be defined. The leader should facilitate the desire of the team. A team leader should be like a conductor of a choir – creating harmony out of dissonance.

Teamwork : 

Teamwork Principle #1 – Team > Sum of Individuals Principle #2 – Shared Goals Principle #3 – Motivation Principle #4 – Roles Principle #5 – Communication Principle #6 - Leadership

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