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Helen Abbott : 

Helen Abbott My Career Journey

My Career Journey - Overview : 

My Career Journey - Overview 1994 - Graduated from High School. 1993-2004 - Worked in restaurant industry. 2005 - Began working in an office setting and returned to college. 2010 - Working toward obtaining a promotion. 2011 - Earn Bachelor’s degree & obtain promotion if not yet achieved.

Career as Inheritance : 

Career as Inheritance Family & Social Status Immigrant parents Working Class - blue collar Inheritance that I kept: Strong work ethic & determination

Career as Action : 

Career as Action Agency 2005 Left restaurant industry and began working in a temporary office position. Returned to college. Have used agency throughout my career.

Career as Action : 

Career as Action Social Cognitive Theory Self-Efficacy - believed that I could obtain a career utilizing my strengths. Outcome expectations - Believing I would find gainful and fulfilling employment.

Career as fit : 

Career as fit Work Adjustment Theory I assessed my abilities and worked toward finding employment that fit my skills. I value - achievement and autonomy. Job description - I must fit the requirements. Rewards - I want job satisfaction.

Career Cycles : 

Career Cycles Donald Super - Career Development Exploration stage - did not do much of this in my early life. Establishment phase - where the career is started. I am in this phase currently. Progress Stage - This is where a career advances, I am also currently working on this part of my career. Maintenance stage - when the career continues but progress is slow (sometimes I feel like I am here).

Career Development : 

Career Development Career Development is also action. I am currently: Making plans Setting goals Conducting research - potential careers and organizations Action plan

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