6 Awesome Web Design Trends for 2018


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Every year new trends emerge within the web design industry. If you want to stand out online this year, you need to know which strategies to implement and how to achieve them. Ask aaravinfotech.in for a lead generating website with an eye-catching and most popular design.


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6 Awesome Web Design Trends For 2018


Your layout should be evenly spaced on an invisible grid. Parallel lines, straight alignment, and symmetry used to be standard procedure, but not anymore. They’re eye-catching and they can be used to guide a viewer’s eye-line exactly where you want it to go . 1. Getting Off the Grid


2. Integrated animations There are various types of animations that can be added depending on the type of website that is being designed.Unique design elements are engaging and they add a measure of high-end professionalism .


3. Image-Dominated Homepage In an effort to make a high-conversion web design, some companies turn their homepage into a sales pitch. But this can do more harm than good . In modern designs, home pages are dominated by eye-catching images with minimal text .


4. Organic Designs Today’s designs are embracing more organic, curved shapes for a modern yet artistic look .


5. Navigation That Follows You One of the most subtly helpful web design trends is the floating navigation. As you scroll down , the navigation comes along for the ride. If you need to go somewhere else on the navigation bar, it’s right there already – no scrolling necessary


6. Innovative and Detailed Typography Typography is an effective in website designing and it being considered as one of the best web design trends for 2018.


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