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Copywriting The BIG iDEA :- Arriving at the proposition From Proposition to Headline Tone of Voice Positioning Statement

Arriving at the Preposition:

Arriving at the Preposition Advertising Strategy Brand Proposition BIG iDEA Creative Brief

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Advertising Strategy Advertising strategy lays down the blue prints for the various departments- media,creative,research,account planning-to implement their task according to a common brief and goal. Creative Brief Creative Brief is a short document at the beginning of a project that defines the task at hand and establishes the strategy for creative and conceptual direction for the project.

Brand Proposition:

Brand Proposition Brand proposition is essentially the basic message which the advertiser wishes to communicate to his target audience. It is an expression of what your brand promises. This is an important anchoring point for brand awareness. The brand proposition should include target audience, the benefits of working with the brand and the criteria for attaining it. The aim is to clarify what the brand is offering, to whom, in what format - and how to attain it.

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Brand Proposition= Consumer Benefit + Reason Why ie every ad message should contain:- A benefit to consumers A good reason for them to believe it is true Take for eg ; Lux toilet soap ad The slogan for the lux ad all over the world is unchanged for dacades ie “ beauty soap of the film stars ” While looking at the lux toilet soap ad you usually see:- Close up of a beautiful film star`s face Her soft and creamy complexion A picture of the soap A headline in the form of a testimonial from the star signed off with the baseline “beauty soap of the film stars”

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Here, The consumer benefit = a beautiful, soft complexion The reason why = a gentle soap specially formulated for tender facial skin Put together you might derive the proposition for Lux soap as being:- Gentle Lux toilet soap cares for your complexion beautifully


BIG iDEA The theory of BIG iDEA was profound by David Ogilvy In his book he writes, “It takes a BIG iDEA to attract the attention of consumers and get them to buy your product. Unless your advertising contains a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night. I doubt if more than one campaign in a hundred contains a big idea.” Basically BIG iDEA means that uniqueness of a particular product or brand which makes the brand special from other competitive brands existing in the market

Characteristics of BIG iDEA :

Characteristics of BIG iDEA It sums up the brand proposition creatively and effectively. It is so flexible that the whole campaign can be built around it. It is so durable that it lends itself to different executions over a period of time. It is relevant today in the changing environment.


BIG iDEAS Brand Amul Wills Everedy Lux Raymonds Lifebuoy Bajaj scooters Coca Cola Pepsi BIG iDEAS Taste of India Made for each other Give me Red Beauty soap of the film stars The complete man Tandurasti ki raksha Hamara Bajaj. The real cola Choice of new generation

From Proposition to Headline:

From Proposition to Headline Once we have the proposition, our next work is to write a headline for the ad campaign. The headline should be attractive and eye catching. Writing an headline is the most difficult part of the entire ad campaign. For eg ; on an average if we write 100 headlines only 3 best out of it would be selected.

Techniques for writing Good Headlines:

Techniques for writing Good Headlines Avoid obscure words Be clear Headline should compliment the visual Be prolific in writing the headlines Be imaginative Headline + Visual + Baseline reflect the proposition 90% of the sales job is done by headline 10% is done through body copy (Your customer is largely persuaded by the headline and visual- he reads body copy for reassurance)

Tone of Voice:

Tone of Voice Tone of voice is simply the tone in which you deliver your ad message. You change your tone of voice as you speak for eg ; you scold a naughty child in one tone and use another while talking to any adult. So when you communicate through your ad, first decide what tone of voice you wish to use while talking to your target audience. Accordingly decide the tone. Tone of Voice is a crucial element in designing your communication message.

The Positioning Statement:

The Positioning Statement Positioning a product simply means that you examine the product to determine just what it is you are offering, and to what kind of people, and how you want these people to think of the product. From these findings you begin to build your creative strategy. To formulate the Brand Positioning Statement you need to know about the 3 p`s :- 1)Product Does it fill a definite need/desire? Are most users satisfied with it? Does it have any exclusive features? Is it of benefit to the users? Is it positioned correctly?

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2)Prospects:- Men or women? Young, middle aged, old? Rich, poor, average? Where do they live? Tastes in reading/TV/radio? What do they know of the brand? 3)Purchases:- Where do prospects buy the product? Seasonal or special occasion? Premeditated or impulsive? How does price compare with the competition?

Brand Positioning:

Brand Positioning Brand Chevrolet Mc Donalds Chivas Regal IBM XEROX AT & T Parachute Coca Cola Colgate Positioned as American Car The burger place Expensive scotch whiskey The computer company The copying company The telephone company The coconut oil The real cola Synonym of Toothpaste

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