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Boeing – Research Analysis : 

Boeing – Research Analysis MSE 602 Advanced Engineering Management Individual Research Assignment - I By : Shreenivas Ghorpade

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Agenda: Introduction Company Situation Performance from Financial Perspective Chief Elements of Strategy SWOT Analysis 5-Force Analysis Alternative Decisions & Recommendations Suggested

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Introduction: World’s Leading Aerospace Company Biggest Manufacturer of Commercial Jetliners & Military Aircrafts Was Founded in 1916 in Seattle, Washington, US 162,200 Employees around the World #34 in rankings of Fortune 500 Companies

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Company Situation: Biggest Sales boom in last 3-4 years Due to the global recession, cancellation of orders. 4500 job cuts in 2008 but not a single one from assembly line. Astonishing $270b backlog of orders (3700 jets) This backlog could help them survive this economic crisis. (About 7-8 years)

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Performance from Financial Perspective: Revenues and earnings went down from $66.4b in ‘07 to $60.91b in 2008. Profit also went down by 34% since 2007 This was mainly due to labor strikes and developmental program delays. This resulted in $270b backlog of orders Could be enough to be flexible in economic crisis.

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Chief Elements of Strategy: Develop new mid-sized aircrafts such as 787 Dreamliners Sales Department Restructuring Use of Light-weight Materials to increase overall efficiency of airliners Encouraging International partners to be involved in the production, a collaborative approach

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SWOT Analysis: Strength: Leader in Aircraft Mfg. Biggest Exporters in US Strong Reputation of Quality International Customer Base Weakness: Slow in Recognizing potential competition High Developmental costs for new products Opportunities: International Demand & Market Expansion Use of New Technologies Biggest Growing market in Asia-Pacific Region : : Threats: Airbus and their discount packages Changing Economy Refurbishing vs. Buying

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5-Force Analysis: Degree of Rivalry : Low; Since only one Potential Competitor i.e. Airbus Threat of entry : Low Threat of Substitutes : Low; since No Direct Substitute for the product Buyer Power : High; since there are only few, but big companies in the market. Supplier Power : High; Since the switching costs might be very high.

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Alternative Decisions & Recommendations Suggested: Technical Improvements lowering fuel costs Building Low Cost Airliners eyeing Local Aviation-markets Concentrating Asia-Pacific Region for some years which has a potential business of $1.1 Trillion Environmental Friendly Airplanes

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