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What Is Tax Preparation? Who Can Help You Prepare Taxes? Preparing for taxes is not that easy; it is something that even the most seasoned businessmen are averse to. But with professional help, this process becomes easy to manage and understand.


  Tax preparation services in Penrith Tax preparation, in a nutshell, refers to the process of preparing tax returns often for a person other than the taxpayer for general compensation. Tax preparation can be done by the taxpayers themselves with the help of software and online resources. In general, tax preparations are done by licensed professionals like attorneys, certified public accountant or enrolled agents or by tax preparation businesses. There are many  tax preparation services in Penrith  that have a good level of expertise while handling such tasks.


Basics of Australian Tax The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is the primary tax collection agency in Australia. If you want to file taxes, you must first get a Tax File Number (TFN) which is unique to every taxpayer and must be safeguarded by every individual in order to reduce the chances of identity theft. People who don’t have the TFN are liable to have taxes which are withheld on both wage incomes as well as investments. People living in Australia on a temporary basis can also apply for a TFN if they have the need for it.


Tax rates for citizen Australia, similar to most of the countries around the globe, has a progressive tax system. This system increases the tax rates with an increase in income. Although Australian tax rates may vary for residents and non-residents, yet the progressive rules are common for all. A person can be treated as a resident of Australia if they are there and live there permanently including all business transactions or services provided. Since non-residents are not required to pay Medicare taxes, they are also not liable to claim for Medicare benefits.


Who can help prepare taxes Although most tax preparation companies do a satisfying job, with time their working rates might increase and their high skills and knowledge might not be essential. But for people, who have high levels of complications with taxes, need to consider this level of expertise for them. There are some attorneys and Certified Public Accountants (CPA) who do these  tax preparation services in Penrith with great expertise and are extremely suitable for this task.


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