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GSA E-Gov Efforts : 

1 GSA E-Gov Efforts John Sindelar Deputy Associate Administrator Office of Governmentwide Policy November 7, 2003

Background : 

2 Background In support of the President’s Management Agenda, GSA is leading five E-Gov Initiatives aimed at “simplifying and unifying” how business is conducted in the Federal government. The five GSA-managed E-Gov initiatives include: eTravel E-Authentication Federal Asset Sales Integrated Acquisition Environment USA Services

eTravelValue Proposition : 

3 eTravelValue Proposition A common, customer-centric, web-based travel management service Reduces costs Establishes a cost model Creates a policy environment Use of best travel management practices Will save at minimum $500M over the next 10 years

eTravelKey Features : 

4 eTravelKey Features Competitively sourced web-based service Online booking engine Self-service process Travel Management Center – Customer support Travel authorization & voucher system Fulfillment & ticketing Business data warehouse and business intelligence tools

Slide 5: 

5 eTravel Milestones Issued draft Request for Proposal Oct 2002 Provided online booking engine Dec 2002 Awarded eTravel contract to 2 vendors Aug 2003 Complete Initial Operating Capability Mar 2004 Commence full deployment Mar 2004 12 Agencies operational Dec 2004 18 Agencies Operational Dec 2005 24 Agencies Operational Dec 2006

eTravel Lessons Learned : 

6 eTravel Lessons Learned Industry best business practices support direction Defense Travel System (DTS) experience has proven key Agency support and participation has been essential

E-AuthenticationValue Proposition : 

7 E-AuthenticationValue Proposition Citizens and Businesses Trusted, consistent method of providing identity Protection of data Government Provides advanced authentication capabilities Reducing redundant costs Reducing cycle times for agencies

E-AuthenticationKey Features : 

8 E-AuthenticationKey Features Setting standards for identity proofing Authentication level based on risks Consolidated approach will save more than $225 million

E-AuthenticationMilestone Dates : 

9 E-AuthenticationMilestone Dates Risks Assessments on eGov Initiatives Aug 2003 Interagency Architecture Workgroup Oct 2003 Commence pilot Nov 2003 Report pilot results Mar 2004 Phase 2 Authentication Architecture June 2004 ( with interface specs )

E-AuthenticationLessons Learned : 

10 E-AuthenticationLessons Learned Industry is moving from proprietary systems-based on an open federated approach Transitioning from a centralized gateway to distributed model Engaging industry as a working partner is key Partner agency involvement is a crucial success factor E-Authentication Steering Committee has proven invaluable

Federal Asset SalesValue Proposition : 

11 Federal Asset SalesValue Proposition Citizen Value Providing easy access to cross-agency asset sales Consistent buying experience and customized notification Government Value Maximize revenues on assets sold Increase cost effectiveness of service delivery

Federal Asset SalesKey Features : 

12 Federal Asset SalesKey Features Create secure, efficient, one-stop, online e-marketplaces for excess government assets Government disposes of billions of dollars of underutilized, non-utilized, seized, and forfeited assets. Centralized, “my”-features, and notifications

Slide 13: 

13 Federal Asset Sales Milestone Dates Final RFP for Personal Property Aug 2003 Personal Property Vendor Selected Nov 2003 Utilization and Donation Study Results Dec 2003 Personal Property Solution launch Apr 2004 Real Property RFQ/RFP awarded Apr 2004 Real Property Solution launch Aug 2004 Migration of Solutions Oct 2004

Federal Asset SalesLessons Learned : 

14 Federal Asset SalesLessons Learned It is difficult to force a solution Create an environment using agencies provide requirements and select solutions Communicate frequently with all stakeholders One size does not fit all (segment if needed)

Integrated Acquisition Environment Value Proposition : 

15 Integrated Acquisition Environment Value Proposition Business Value Eliminate redundant data collection from companies Increased visibility of contracts to ordering offices Government Value Consolidate common functions through a shared services environment Purchase of goods and services faster and less expensive Eliminating duplicative systems and processes

Integrated Acquisition EnvironmentKey Features : 

16 Integrated Acquisition EnvironmentKey Features Business Partner Network (BPN) - Consolidated Contractor Registry (CCR) - One-stop Reps and Certs (ORCA) eMarket Place - One-stop Contract Opportunities (FBO) - eMail Vendor Notification of RFPs - Central Access to all InterAgency Contracts (IDC) Inter-Govermental Payment processes (IGTS) Wage Determinations Online (WDOL) SBA – Access Network (SBA PRO-Net)

Integrated Acquisition EnvironmentMilestone Dates : 

17 Integrated Acquisition EnvironmentMilestone Dates Business Partner Network Implementation of all contract registration in CCR Oct 2003 eMarketplace Fully populate Interagency Contracts Directory (ICD) Oct 2003 Implement emarketplace capability June 2004 Intra-governmental Transactions All IT and rent transactions July 2004

Integrated Acquisition EnvironmentLessons Learned : 

18 Integrated Acquisition EnvironmentLessons Learned Legal/policy changes are hard Cross-agency management and funding Legacy system integration is significant Change Management

19 Citizen and Business Value “Single face of government” Simple and responsive access to government information and services Government Value Facilitate Change Management More citizen customer service centric Establish a standard for Citizen Service Reduce costs Providing best value USA Services Value Proposition

USA Services Key Features : 

20 USA Services Key Features Handle agency mis-directed telephone and email inquiries (free service) Tier 1 telephone and email inquiries handled (fee for service) Services provided by GSA’s National Contact Center Self-service interactive voice response (IVR) service Spanish and TDDY support Two business day turn around on all emails

Slide 21: 

21 USA Services Milestone Dates Manual routing of email messages from Dec 2002 FirstGov to 10 partner agencies Email capability established Apr 2003 Conduct official OMB launch of USA Services July 2003 Award new National Contact Center Mar 2004 20 Working agreements with agencies and nine Sept 2004 Tier 1 agency customers

USA Services Lessons Learned : 

22 USA Services Lessons Learned Piloting/testing builds trust and confidence in service Demonstrate your own agency is committed to program Identify low risk opportunities

SmartBUY Mission : 

23 SmartBUY Mission Improve overall security Reduce software costs Improve configuration management Establish efficient Asset Management

Slide 24: 

24 For more information contact: John Sindelar Deputy Associate Administrator Office of Governmentwide Policy [email protected] GSA E-Gov Efforts

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