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Technology Education and Assessment Seminar 17 September 2002 : 

1 Technology Education and Assessment Seminar 17 September 2002 Web integration tools for Web-based data collection/aggregation and application/service integration

Introduction Agenda for NASA TEAS, 17 September 2002 : 

2 Introduction Agenda for NASA TEAS, 17 September 2002 Introduction - Agenda Review Objectives Typical Stovepipe Environment Company Offering Value Proposition Background Technology Overview Web-based Collection and Aggregation Web Service and Application Integration Product Overview Example Applications Illustrative Technology Adoption Process Product Demonstrations Company Background Wrap-up Discussion Next Steps

Objectives: : 

3 Objectives: Present basics of web based content monitoring, collection, aggregation and integration Demonstrate how a robot based tool suite can enhance the capability and lower the implementation cost of projects utilizing web based content and services The technical strengths and constraints of using robots to bring together disparate content and services into a readily customized, single page view Practical examples of robots in use for batch and real-time applications Provide an illustration of how NASA can broadly leverage web integration and robot technology

Typical Stovepipe Environment : 

4 Typical Stovepipe Environment Organizations have invested in web-enabling their legacy applications These web-enabled applications can all be viewed through a browser, but only as separate pages Simple operations such as cutting and pasting from multiple sources into spreadsheets or databases is time consuming Fixing this via back-end data integration can be lengthy, expensive and potentially mandate replacement of legacy systems

CSEsolutions Offers: Web integration products and services : 

5 CSEsolutions Offers: Web integration products and services RoboSuite -A powerful platform for: collection, aggregation and delivery of disparate web based information It facilitates: Real time transactions based on web-based information Seamless integrated usage of web-based applications & services Unique capabilities achieved by building sophisticated robots that: Provide an integrated view of information otherwise residing in a disparate and cluttered set of web locations. Can be developed in less than 30 minutes rather than several days Development uses  a "point & click" process No complicated or unique script programming skills required Consulting Services in application of RoboSuite Project Assessment and Prioritization Robot Building Definition of Data Object Architecture Support for Broad Organizational Adoption/Technology Transfer Turn Key Projects

RoboSuite functionality : 

6 RoboSuite functionality RoboSuite can: Aggregate & structure/reformat data From vast number of web sites or other HTML/XML sources Output directly into SQL database, spreadsheet or XML feed With minimal non-programmer resources Perform web based transactions/queries using a uniform interface pointed towards numerous web based applications

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Value Proposition for Web Integration : 

8 Value Proposition for Web Integration If your organization could benefit by having an integrated view of information presently residing in disparate web locations or If you have external web based applications or services you would like to integrate into you internal business process RoboSuite offers: Rapid, Easy & Affordable Web Integration Easy to use, minimal programming skills and rapid robot building Benefits of front end integration Low cost of maintenance Minimal skill, highly automated environment Simple and easy to modify and/or scale Savings up to 2/3's of alternative integration approaches along with dramatic time & labor savings

Value Proposition for Collection & Aggregation : 

9 Value Proposition for Collection & Aggregation If you currently collect and/or aggregate data from the web, RoboSuite will allow you to do it: Faster and cheaper By: Increasing Productivity of your current staff Robots built in minutes rather than hours Reduce the training and skill level required for collection No unique programming skill required Immediately lowing your operating cost Advantages of a COTS product As a result you can: Free up existing staff & resources for additional assignments Expanding the amount of data you can collect and aggregate Expand & enhance the types of services offered And/or reduce costs overall

Background- Technology and Product Overview : 

10 Background- Technology and Product Overview

Web-based Collection & Aggregation : 

11 Web-based Collection & Aggregation Collection Ability to go to pre-designated websites and gather content Content can be unstructured, structured or highly structured Collection process can be: Extremely broad Highly precise In secure or unsecured environments With or without log ins Automatically on schedule or by ad hoc request

Web-based Aggregation : 

12 Web-based Aggregation Aggregation Ability to seamlessly combine collected content together Can apply to unstructured, structured or highly structured content Can combine internal and external content Allows disparate content to be viewed & analyzed in ways otherwise not practical due to time and/or cost Data combines and data joins Facilitates data marts for union analysis

Collection and Aggregation : 

13 Collection and Aggregation User view

Web-based Integration : 

14 Web-based Integration Web integration Ability to seamlessly merge two or more applications or services into a single interface Integration can occur between: Intranet and/or Internet applications/services Characterized by: Ability to do real-time transactions Front end integration Presently by way of the HTML user interface Facilitated by the use of SOAP and XML

Web-based Integration : 

15 Web-based Integration Front-end integration offers the benefits of: Significantly lower cost when compared to EAI approaches utilizing backend integration Low risk integration Little to no coordination required of targeted applications Maximize the use of existing systems and infrastructures Simply web-enable existing systems Rapid project implementations Above factors lead to significant cost advantages Potential disadvantages of Front-end integration Response times - in integrating existing systems: No quicker than slowest application

The Product : 

16 The Product RoboSuite ModelMaker - visual tool for creating data objects that define the data structure utilized by robots for information collection, aggregation and integration. RoboMaker - revolutionary, easy-to-use visual tool for rapidly building and testing robots capable of pushing and pulling information across web based servers. RoboRunner - executes robots in batch mode at scheduled intervals with full support for optimal use of distributed and multiprocessor-based environments. RoboServer - XML-based web service engine for on-demand robot execution. Uses powerful XML-based Robot Query Language to facilitate real-time transactions, data queries, etc. directly on existing web applications. Includes support for optimal use of distributed and multiprocessor-based environments. RoboManager - manages the robot life cycle, robot performance and robot responsibilities. Using RoboManager requires less than one person to monitor a production environment of potentially hundreds or thousands of web site interfaces.

RoboSuite Architecture : 

17 RoboSuite Architecture

Model Architecture of ModelMaker : 

18 Model Architecture of ModelMaker Object Model Attribute Modeli Attribute Typei Example: news articles, statistical data Example: title, author, date, URL, body Example: text, number, date Objectn Attributesn Attribute Valuesn Example: CNN news,HUD Highlights, FAA statistics Example: title, author, date Example: Record Heat, Connie Chung, 20 Aug 02 Hierarchy Data Structure

The Role of Robots from RoboMaker : 

19 The Role of Robots from RoboMaker

RoboRunner Flow : 

20 RoboRunner Flow

RoboSuite Production Flow : 

21 XML Response Robo Server Web Sites Customer application Robot created with RoboMaker Interaction to perform service Robot Stable managed withRoboManager XML Request (B1) (A3) (B3) Execute Get result (B2) (B4) (B5) RoboSuite Production Flow Back-End Front-End Robo Runner (A1) Start Scheduler Execute Get result (A2) (A4) (A5) Store "A's" and "B's" show process order

Reservation booking application : 

22 Reservation booking application

Travel Profile : 

23 Travel Profile

RoboSuite Operational Attributes : 

24 RoboSuite Operational Attributes Platform Independence Pure Java™, can run on any Java-compliant platform, including Windows and Linux Performance, for high end, single CPU PC: RoboRunner: 1,000 average task robots per day RoboServer: 10-60 transactions per minute Function of website response times and transaction size Lycos test demonstrated at least 5 page loads a second on a dual CPU intel box (2x2.4GHz) Scalable, scales well for development, maintenance, and execution of thousands of robots Easy to Integrate, integrates easily with back-end SQL databases and XML-compliant systems

Build a robot ppt : 

25 Build a robot ppt

Robots can be administrated centrally by a non-programmer : 

26 Robots can be administrated centrally by a non-programmer RoboManager - responsible for robot maintenance: Registration Searching Run searching Message searching RoboManager’s user-friendly interface make it easy to administrate production toward hundreds or thousands of sites.

Examples of RoboSuite Applications : 

27 Examples of RoboSuite Applications Rapid/low cost approach for aggregating and normalizing disparate web-based databases for data mining Data mart creation for: Multi-source mission data analysis - simplify process for external sources to make dynamic data easily accessible Financial performance tracking across disparate locations Litigation support for quick turn-around Consolidate statistics released by multiple organizations to identify trends or symptoms CDC and regional medical data DOT Accident data and Census data

Examples of RoboSuite Applications : 

28 Examples of RoboSuite Applications Consolidate or track news releases or data updates across internal and external web sites Danish government agencies Lycos portal Consolidate investor information from across multiple federal agencies Procurement Catalog consolidation to simplify procurement Simplify process for vendors to list products in B2B market portals, e.g. Asset tracking/status across disparate locations

Examples of RoboSuite Applications : 

29 Examples of RoboSuite Applications Integration of disparate web based services Integrate external business applications with internal ones Unify knowledge management or search tools HR benefit plans Medical, savings, pension, etc. e-Learning applications Products for sale and financial services Customer service and sales force coordination Consolidate independent bookmaking (betting) services Content collection for knowledge management Support in conversion to new web based content management systems Security monitor internal or external websites to detect changes

Illustrative Technology Adoption Process : 

30 Illustrative Technology Adoption Process

Demonstrations : 

31 Demonstrations

CSEsolutions Products & Services : 

32 CSEsolutions Products & Services RoboSuite Product RoboSuite Training and Support Technical Consulting Services in application of RoboSuite Turn Key Projects Integration Architectures Data Structures Project Assessment and Prioritization Robot Building Support for Broad Organizational Adoption/Technology Transfer Products and services available by GSA Schedule by way of Videla International 8(a) firm, on GSA schedule with an open BOA

Sample RoboSuite Customers & Partners : 

33 Sample RoboSuite Customers & Partners

Wrap Up : 

34 Wrap Up Key Benefits Summary Rapid, Easy & Affordable Web Integration Low risk approach to integration Easy to use Increased efficiency, rapid implementation Easy to maintain Discussion How do our capabilities align with your needs Next Steps…

Slide 35: 

35 End of Briefing

Just In Case : 

36 Just In Case

Profile Model Objects : 

37 Profile Model Objects Person Profile: Name Social security number Date of birth Credit card accounts Accounts Transaction Records Item description Dates Locations Amounts

Technical Facts : 

38 Technical Facts 100 % Java based for full platform independence. Support for HTML, XML, forms, form iteration, cookies, HTTP authentication, SSL and (soon to come JavaScript). Build-in Web Browser with visual click selection. Easy to learn and highly productive visual programming environment. Combined object oriented (XML/DOM tree) and regular expression based extraction modules. Modular design using Java Beans, which allows for easy extension with both general and custom specific plug-ins. Smart form iteration, including interactive setup wizard. SOAP/XML based execution environment with full scalability on unlimited number of servers. Automatic and context sensitive error reporting. Easy download and installation. Build-in context sensitive online help. … and much more

Robosuite vs. Competition : 

39 Robosuite vs. Competition

CSEsolutions : 

40 CSEsolutions CSEsolutions sells, supports and provides professional services for Kapow Technology in North America Contact Information: CSEsolutions 1485 Tenbury Common Annapolis, Maryland 443-482-3369 [email protected]

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