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Fair Deal :

F air Deal It’s only F air. Fair apples Lets pay the people who produce our food, properly. F air World. F air Trade. F air Life. F air Deal

SWAP something in our lives, make a DIFFERENCE to someone else's :

SWAP something in our lives, make a DIFFERENCE to someone else's Several items that we use everyday are produced abroad, from raw materials such as cocoa pods and coffee beans. We are very lucky to be able to import these goods into our country because we can’t grow a majority of the produce in England such as coconuts and mangoes. Some of the countries that we get these goods from are Less economically developed countries (LEDCs) and a lot of the people in LEDCS work in the primary industry in agriculture extracting raw materials for export. What you can do to help? By swapping some of the items you use everyday to fair-trade products you can ensure people are being paid properly for their labour. We can defeat poverty in developing countries. Here are some examples: It is a tough industry to work in because of the threat of natural disasters such as flooding and drought which kills crop before harvest, also many farmers in LEDCs can’t afford to use heavy machinery such as combine harvesters; that would make their work easier and they often can’t afford to use pesticides so crops can become diseased which lowers their yield. They often work in bad conditions, for up to twelve hours a day and two billion people survive on less than $2 a day. As a result of unfair trade rules people are being kept in poverty. Lets make a change to this. Who will it benefit? It will have a huge impact on peoples lives, they will be paid fairly for their work. It would mean that they will be able to buy enough food for the family and have a stable diet, they will be able to improve their homes and buy more machinery in order to produce more crops and make more money. However it will also benefit us as we would be able to get more varieties of crops imported from abroad. introduction

Who’s the Fairest of them all?:

Who’s the F airest of them all? Did you know that some of the ingredients in our beauty cosmetics are grown abroad? Swap your beauty cosmetics for fairly traded cosmetics . Who will it benefit? It will benefit the people in the third world countries to get their fair share of the product it will make their lives a lot easier. Help the developing world, additionally you will also benefit as these products are natural and good for your skin. Why not swap your moisturiser for Shea butter it contains vitamin A, E and F and can help to prevent premature wrinkles!

Five Fresh Fair Fruits:

Five Fresh F air Fruits Have you had your five a day? Swap your Fresh fruits for fair trade fruits Buy fair traded fruits, not only is it good for your health you will also get the satisfaction of knowing that the people who picked and packaged you fruit will be paid fairly. How about trying fair trade bananas indeed, the cost a bit more but the benefit out weighs the cost. Who will it benefit? The people who got the fruit from the tree, to the supermarkets will be paid fairly for their work.

Don’t pay ‘em Peanuts:

Don’t pay ‘ em Peanuts Fancy a snack? Swap you packet of crisps for Fair traded peanuts By making this swap you will make a difference to someone's life Who will benefit? You could support the MASFA ( Mchinji Area Smallholder Farmers Association) which supports farmers and helps them to receive a fair deal. F AIR DEAL