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Benefits for Poland Fire-Rescue:

Benefits for Poland Fire-Rescue The Gawron Turgeon Team Offers: Professional architects, interior designers, landscape architects Dedicated team of engineers: Allied Engineering Gorrill-Palmer Consulting Engineers Experience planning and designing fire stations A good understanding of Poland Fire-Rescue’s challenges Great references Financial stability Facilitation skills to determine current and future needs. Ability to start this project immediately

Fire Station Experience:

Fire Station Experience Scarborough Fire Stations Engines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Fire Chief Mike Thurlow Waterboro Fire Station Chief Matthew S. Bors Goodwin Mills Fire and Rescue Chief H. Rodney Carpenter Saco Fire Station Chief John Duross West Kennebunk Fire Station Captain Steve Nichols Asst. Andy Turcotte


Challenges Phasing Remaining operational Space Planning Training / conference rooms Physical training in building Vehicle / apparatus bays size Possibility of drive-thru bay Main / identifiable entry Waiting area Gear storage De-contamination area Office for public safety Bunkrooms Restroom / shower space Support spaces (workout / laundry) HVAC Ventilation / exhaust Utility rooms Radio charging station Communications Restrooms Truck washing Sprinklers Site Septic area Circulation safety Resource protection

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Dumpster From road Parking? Parking EMS Ambulance Existing Conditions Mezzanine Exhaust Entry?

Resource Protection:

Resource Protection Discussions already with: Poland Code Enforcement Officer, Heather McNally Maine DEP, Mike Morse Poland Town Planner, Bob Faunce Government Uses Alternatives

Poland Fire-Rescue Improvements Study:

Poland Fire-Rescue Improvements Study Up to 3 public meetings Listen, gather input. Present ideas. Address concerns, comments. Gain support. Provide images. Initial Meeting with the Town of Poland’s Fire Chief, Town Selectmen and Building Committee. Confirm objectives, equipment preferences, energy goals, maintenance concerns, access to equipment, warranties, future goals, and other relevant topics. Information Gathering Field verification, prepare existing conditions plans. Compile site info, create a base plan and site constraints plan. Draft of Two Options with Schematics and Costs Initial Feedback Phase Revised Draft of Two Options with Schematics and Costs, and Second Feedback Phase Final Report with Schematics and Costs : Narrative re: current use. Identifying the needs & constraints. Existing systems, applicable codes and design parameters. Facility requirements with consideration for future use changes. Recommendations for improvements with appropriate options. Schematic Drawings and cost report and presentation materials. Initial Report: Current Building Use / Needs Detailed program, proposed improvements for both short-term and long-term.

Projected vs. Actual:

Projected vs. Actual Fire Stations: Scarborough Central Public Safety: Construction Budget $13.8 million Scarborough Engine One: Construction Budget $690,000, Actual Construction $649,000 Scarborough Engine One: Construction Budget $675,000, Actual Construction $710,000 Waterboro Fire Station: Construction Budget $785,000, Actual Construction $800,000 Goodwin Mills Fire and Rescue: Construction Budget $950,000 Saco Fire Station: Construction Budget $5.1 million West Kennebunk Fire Station: Construction Budget $1.40 million, Actual Construction $1.37 million Professional Cost Estimator on our Team Priced 800 or more projects Many municipal and fire station projects Good track record of cost projection