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Financial Responsibility :

Financial Responsibility There are two types of charges at our center Hyperbaric Technical Charge This charge is for the operation of the chamber and the care given to you during the procedure. It includes wound care during the daily visits. The charge is dependent on of the amount of time spent breathing 100% Oxygen. Our daily treatment charge is $2080 or up 1.50 hours of breathing 100% oxygen.

Financial Responsibility :

Financial Responsibility The second charge per treatment Physician Supervision of daily treatment. There is always a doctor in the facility during your treatment. The physician is responsible to insure that the patients are safe to go into the hyperbaric chamber and is always available for any emergency that might occur during the treament .

Financial Responsibility :

Financial Responsibility Multiple Doctors: There are multiple physicians that supervise these treatments. The following is a short list: Dr. Susan Sprau Dr. Feldman Dr. Uner Dr. Flaherty Dr. Murray Dr. Markovitz Dr. Wu

Financial Responsibility :

Financial Responsibility After your treatments are completed you will receive multiple Explanation of benefits (EOB) from your insurance company. These will explain what was paid and what was not. Every patient is responsible for CO-PAY and UCLA PBS will send you amounts that you will need to pay Payment plans are available


PARKING Cost $11 per day Handicap $3 per day. Parking monthly pass $9 per day. You could buy a 20 day pass at $9 per day but the 20 day pass will also include the weekends If you wish to purchase a parking pass the office is located on the first floor of the 200 medical Plaza