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Vision and mission :

Vision and mission Vision: The Acme Agro vet & Beverage Ltd. has the vision to reach out even to the remotest areas of Bangladesh and improve lives with quality products at an affordable price. Mission Mission statement: Perpetual quest for excellence. ACME’s holistic approach is to ensure Health, Vigor and Happiness for all by manufacturing beverage of the highest quality at affordable prices and expanding in the local and global market

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Manegment Team Acme is a large company with 350 products and a huge number of employees. They also have a well trained manegment team.And they do their job with the perefection for the reason of their own benefit and for the company Their main responsibility: Planning Organizing Directing Controlling owner of acme agro vet and beverage Nasir-ur Rahman Sinha Mizanur Rahman Sinha Afzalur Rahman Sinha

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Marketing Market Analysis The overall market : SoutheastAsia Target market and customers the target market is the upper class and middle class people. It includes the people who are health conscious and prefer juice to satisfy thirst rather than cold drinks. Customer needs:their

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Competitive Analysis Industry overview: In bangladesh more than 1000 company produce foods and beverage but acme plays agood role in bangladesh and produce more than 30% of need.they are in goodpostion . Nature of Competition: they compete with the others by using productquality and price. Primary competitors: pran group of company. Competitive products/ services: pran juice,sejun juce ,

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Though there are many juices in the market, there is always a scarcity of a quality product. Consumers always look forward to have a product which is good and they can afford to buy. ACME Juice took that opportunity and launches the food product. There are many alternative juice products in the market such as Sezan , Danish and so on. Considering the buying ability ACME has launched “classic juice” and “premium juice” package. Before buying a product consumers always compare information about it. ACME always provides with appropriate information and thus influences the customer to buy its product Understanding Buyer Behavior Consumer Buying Behavior:

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Product product name: Acme juce . Product description:The process is completely automatic. Several types of machineries are used for continuous processing. The total procedure requires some calculative work. In the beginning of processing, a perfect ratio of ingredients is mixed in huge containers. Then crashing of materials is done by passing that mixture through a machine. Further refining is done and then required amount of citric acid is mixed. This mixture is further heated and put into aseptic can or airtight drum. Acme does not use any preservatives in their product. The process is a flow production where everything is done automatically starting from mixing to packaging. They mainly use tetra pack for packets of mango or orange juice. Future products:Acme mustered oil.

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Acme a gro vet and Beverages Ltd. Business Concept manufacturing goods and beverage Current Situation Good Key success factors Good Quality: Agro vet and Beverage Ltd believe in great quality. They try to provide products with the highest quality at an affordable price to the customers. Team Spirit: Teamwork is the secret of ACME’s success. They know that by working together as a team with common goals they can achieve greatness . Present Financial situation

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Acme Group Prepared for Kashfia ……. Presented by Naima joyti Annur alam ana Tuhin ahmed

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