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Social Media Marketing Plan:

Social Media Marketing Plan Designed for

The Objective of Social Media:

The Objective of Social Media Connecting with people Reinforcing the relationships we have. Establishing new relationships through communication that exudes your values. Social Media is not about selling it is about farming. Each connection you grow and nurture is a future new referral source or client.

Our Approach:

Our Approach I. Analyze your current traditional strategy and current Social Media Strategy. II. Analyze your business and your market. A. Who is your target customer? Geographically? Demographically? B. Find Market trends or areas that expand market share based on historical market data. Look for areas that are being overlooked. III. Develop a Social Media Strategy that is targeted at your target market. Focus on creating meaningful communication that reflects your core corporate values that will stimulate customer and potential customer interaction as well as reinforce your brand as well as keep you front of mind with your target audience. V. Integrate your Social Media plan into your overall branding strategy. VI. Provide you with weekly, monthly, and quarterly analysis of your fan base, feedback from campaigns, and customer comments and interactions online. VII. Keep you informed and update on constant evolution of social media marketing

Perceptions of Tom Edelstein & Team Edelstein:

Perceptions of Tom Edelstein & Team Edelstein Local Expert Successful Local St. Paul boy made good. Articulate Classy Professional Dominates Highland Park

Team Edelstein Analysis of 2010 :

Team Edelstein Analysis of 2010 Team Edelstein’s Highland Park 2010 Market Share (752) was 14.4% based on 28 sides of 194 closed transactions in Highland Park (2010) The Closest Competitor was Bob Reidell ( 5% Market Share.) 28% of all Highland Park Single Family, Town home, and Condo sales were produced by four realtors. There is 72% of the Market is up for grabs. Another interesting stat is that Team Edelstein has a 4.7% Market Share for the combine MLS districts 746, 748, 750, 752, & 728.


Conclusions We believe that this market will provide TEAM EDELSTEIN a unique opportunity to increase its market share in the coming years. To grow business efficiently and fiscally, we believe that with the use of technology and social media that it would make strategic sense to leverage your current market share in Highland Park to capture a greater percentage of transactions in the area that Edelstein brand dominates. Our objective will implant a message into the consumer subconscious that that is only one brand synonymous with Real Estate in Highland Park. That brand will be TEAM EDELSTEIN.

Social Media Plan Segments:

Social Media Plan Segments Custom Welcome Page that will include : Your Logo, Team Photo, and Contact info. Your Mission Statement An opt-in plug-in for your newsletter A link to your Website Business Fan Page Blog Tab Slide Show Tab Buyer & Seller Reports Market Statistics Youtube Cannel Tab Linkedin Tab Twitter Tab Events Tab

Slide 8:

Niche Marketing Page will be targeting the Highland Park Market This Page will dedicated to Highland Park Community Information Highlight local Businesses Highlight Community Events Highland Park Real Estate This Page will also be tied into a Linkedin Highland Park Business Group, a Best of Highland Park Youtube Channel (see Youtube Campaign, Blog, and a Quarterly HPB eight page magazine. Tab to HBP Blog as well.

Slide 9:

Create Highland Park Business Group that Tom is the admin. Create Strategic Partnerships with local business professional to grow referral network.


Marketing Team Edelstein Channel will feature: All Listing Virtual Tours Monthly Market Update Featuring Tom going over Monthly Housing Stats for Highland Park (or city of St. Paul.) One to Two minute Spot . Best in Highland Park Channel will feature: Monthly profiles of Highland businesses, restaurants, organizations, and events. Format will be promo slide of Team Edelstein for 10 seconds, 60 to 90 second story , and ending with another promo for Team Edelstein. We will also include Team Edelstein’s annual events like the Pumpkin event.

Slide 11:

Current Blogs Blog marketing will be two fold. We are recommending using your existing platform to deal with general real estate matters. We would make the following changes: Insert Social Media Plug-ins, Comment Plug-ins, and share buttons. Incorporate Video Incorporate photos

Slide 12:

This blog feature Highland Park. Content will include: Features on local issues Community Personalities. Local Businesses Local Real Estate Report Community Photos Videos The Blog

Integration of Social Media:

Integration of Social Media All Marketing Collateral from Business Cards, Property, Brochures, and Post Cards will have all Team Edelstein Social Media Icons including QR Codes to current promotions. Team Edelstein will integrate social media icons into each team member’s email signature. Social Plug-ins and Facebook comment Plug-ins will be inserted into main website and blogs.

Social Media Initial Investment:

Social Media Initial Investment Core Social Media Platforms $500.00 Editing Team Edelstein Facebook Page adding custom tabs and enhancing content. Highland Park’s Best Facebook Page HPB Twitter Page Edit Linkedin Profile Setup a Platform for Managing all social media sites exisiting and new ones. Blogs / Website $500.00 Creating HPB Blog complete with custom theme and graphics. Coordinating with Team Edelstein’s current webmaster to integrate the appropriate plug-ins into The Team Edelstein Blog. Work with Webmaster to upgrade social media plug-ins on your current website.

Initial Investment :

Initial Investment Youtube Channel $250.00 Uploading current videos to your channel. Tagging your videos with key words for SEO Total Investment for Social Media Setup: $1250.00

Quarterly Magazine:

Quarterly Magazine Specs: 8 pages 80# Gloss Text self cover saddle Stitched Quantity 15M 5.5 x8.5 Content: Two Articles featuring a Highland Park Restaurant, an article featuring a Community personality, a quarterly calendar of Highland Park events, a coupon section for local business, a quarterly contest, a Real Estate Report, and a personal message from Tom Distribution: Options are Direct mail or Insertions into Villager 11M. Will have Magazine available at Local businesses 4M.( See Villager Distribution Map) Investment: Project Management Fee: $300.00 Design: $300.00 Printing: $2000.00 Distribution: Estimate $725 Total Investment per issue $3325.00 or .221 per delivered piece

Magazine Coop Program:

Magazine Coop Program Revenue to Offset Cost Eight ¼ Page Ads & Ad & Link on HPB Blog $150.00 or $125 if the commit to all four issues. Total Coupon Ad Revenue per issue 8 x $150.00 = $1200.00 Partner Contribution $ per Issue Lender: $200.00 Broker:$200.00 Handyman Service: $200.00 Total Partner Contribution: $600.0 Total Coop Revenue: $1800.00 Estimated Cost $3325- Coop Revenue $1800.00 NET COST to TEAM EDELSTEIN : $1525.00 or 10.2 cents per delivered piece.

Monthly Plan Management Investment:

Monthly Plan Management Investment Core Social Media Platforms $250.00 Team Edelstein Business Facebook Page Highland Park’s Best Facebook Page Linkedin Fee includes: 40 Status Updates per week, Weekly Real Estate Updates, Creating weekly events on FB (Open Houses,) Uploading listing Videos & Photos to Business Facebbook Page, and creating & managing Highland Park Business Group on Linkedin.

Monthly Investment for Blog Marketing $1250 per month:

Monthly Investment for Blog Marketing $1250 per month Team Edelstein Real Estate Blog Includes: 4 Original Posts per week. 7 Reposts of Real Estate Articles from Online publications like: CNN, Pioneer Press, Money,, Inman News , etc. Publish Listings & Solds Weekly. Publish Open Houses & Broker Opens Highland Park’s Best Blog Includes: 4 Original Posts per week. 1 Original Video 5 Reposts from Local Sources

Marketing Monthly Investment $300 per month:

Marketing Monthly Investment $300 per month Fee includes Flip Camera Videos: One 1:00 Monthly Market Update Video Featuring Tom One 1:30 Video for Highland Park’s Best Featured Business Includes creating the script, video, editing , uploading to websites & blogs, and syndicating the videos.

Summary of Monthly Investment:

Summary of Monthly Investment Core Social Media Management $250.00 Blog Marketing $1250.00 Youtube Marketing $300.00 Highland Park’s Best Magazine 508.00 Totally: Monthly Investment = $2308.00

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