The Impossible Mile

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The Impossible Mile:

The Impossible Mile A Presentation given at the start of The Genius Mind Reading Seminar

Oxford, London Thursday, 6 May 1954:

Oxford, London Thursday, 6 May 1954 A windy, spring day with 15 mph cross winds rising up to gusts of 25 mph.

It wasn’t the ideal day for Record Breaking…..:

It wasn’t the ideal day for Record Breaking….. But.. On this day A six foot one, 25 year old unknown medical student set out to achieve what was thought impossible up to that date.

For many years it was widely believed to be impossible..:

For many years it was widely believed to be impossible.. for a human to run a mile ( 1609 metres) in under Four Minutes. In fact, for many years, it was believed that the Four Minute Mile was a physical barrier that no man could break without causing significant damage to the runner’s health.

Folklore has it ..:

Folklore has it .. Greeks used lions to chase runners.. But nothing worked. So they decided it was impossible. And for thousands of years everyone believed it. It was physiologically impossible for a human being to run a mile in under four minutes

There were A Million Reasons:

There were A Million Reasons “Human Bone structure is not suitable…” “Wind resistance would be too great…” “ Human Lung capacity will be strained…”

The achievement of a four minutes mile.. :

The achievement of a four minutes mile.. seemed beyond human possibility, like climbing Mount Everest or walking on the moon.

Then One Man:

Then One Man One single human being proved that the doctors, the trainers, the athletes, and the millions and millions before him who tried and failed.. were all wrong..

When Roger Bannister:

When Roger Bannister the unknown medical student, ran the mile in 3 minutes….. . He not only crossed the finish line with a time of 3 minutes, 59.4 seconds but also….

Broke through the :

Broke through the Four Minute Mile Psychological Barrier….

John Landy:

John Landy A great runner of the day.. Several 4.02 minute miles. "It is a brick wall. I shall not attempt it again..” but 56 days after Roger Bannister’s Breakthrough, John Landy ran the four minute mile in 3 minutes and 57.9 seconds, in Finland…and set a new world record

Once the four minute barrier was broken by Roger Bannister…:

Once the four minute barrier was broken by Roger Bannister… 37 other runners also cracked the Four Minute Mile in the next year and 300 the year after

So… what happened to the :

So… what happened to the Physical barrier …? that prevented humans from running the Four Minute Mile ?

Was there a sudden leap..:

Was there a sudden leap.. in human evolution ?... A great breakthrough in training? Human bone structure did not suddently improve.. But human attitudes did !

Often the barriers we perceive:

Often the barriers we perceive are only barriers in our own minds. Previous runners had been held back by their beliefs and mindsets. When the barrier was broken, other runners saw that it was possible and then 37 runners went out to do the same.

Our beliefs and mindsets…:

Our beliefs and mindsets… Limit or expand our world. Beliefs have power over us because.. we treat them as though they are true.

Beliefs influence what:

Beliefs influence what You attempt or choose not to attempt in life. They determine what you pay attention to… How you react to difficult situations and ultimately your attitude..

Success and failure :

Success and failure Begin and end In what the mind believes Is possible.

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