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Hope For Children:

Hope For Children A capstone project By : Maria Ramirez

My Goal:

My Goal Give “Hope” to abandoned children by sponsoring them and improving their living conditions. I not only want to be a sponsor, I would like to become a friend to them. I choose to do this project because it a nationwide issue. Many children are lost souls, who are neglected and abandoned by their parents for many reasons such as teen pregnancy, financial issues, alcohol use and etc.

How does my project affect the world?:

How does my project affect the world? This project is a nationwide issue, that affects children all over the world. There are about 20 million abandoned children in the world. I might not be able to help all the abandoned children, but I can start by helping in my community. There is a global connection because it’s a global issue.


Methodology I will try to contact an organization to my which funds will go to . Then I will begin fundraising for my project. I will also volunteer at the orphanage to try to connect with the children. My fundraising will begin January 18,2011 and will end April 3 rd . I will try to collect a minimum of $250 during this 9 weeks. I will then observe my outcomes and the success of my project.

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A Neglected Child What does Abandoned mean? Leaving a child younger than the age of 18 in a situation where he would be exposed to a risk of physical or mental harm, without arranging care for him.

The Truth : Facts:

The Truth : Facts Numbers of orphans will increase dramatically by 2010/2015, at an estimated growth of 15 to 20 million per year. For every 3 months in an orphanage a child loses one month of growth. Girls in orphanages reach their puberty 2 years later then girls in families

Basic Needs:

Basic Needs Diapers Medicine Cleaning Supplies Any 3 in 1 Cribs (New)Crib mattresses Linens Crib Sheets Bath Towels, Kitchen Towels, Non-Perishable food items Canned food Cereals, pasta, rice Baby foods (vegetables / fruits) Snack foods Juices Paper towels Here are just some basic needs I will try to fundraise for:


Fundraising! Now in order to achieve my goal. I will have to fundraise money . Pizza Muffins Jewelry for girls .(Hello Kitty ) Donations  Perfumes for cheap $$$  I will be selling pizza & drinks on Monday’s during lunch . Doesn't that pizza look DELICIOUS ! Please stop by & buy pizza  Its for a good cause.


Sponsers: Mr.Davoli will be my sponsor 

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“Be the change you want to see in the world”.

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