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The Extreme Bible Study : 

The Extreme Bible Study Presenter: Harley Hudson Crossgate Christian Academy Web Address: HarleyHudson.com [email protected]

Objective: : 

Objective: Students will graduate from CCA with the skills necessary to: Defend their faith in the college environment Initiate a lifetime Bible study Be strong spiritual leaders in their world Students will see the value of possessing the ability to interpret the Bible for themselves.

Crossgate Core Bible Curriculum : 

Crossgate Core Bible Curriculum Year 1: New Testament Survey/Basic Doctrines Year 2: Old Testament Survey Year 3: Comparative History – Bible events/World current events Year 4: Extreme Bible Study Year 5: Intensive Bible Study Year 6: Apologetics

The Extreme Bible Study : 

The Extreme Bible Study The Foundation: A desire to see 3rd World pastors have a solid Bible background. Provide churches with a means to develop a spiritually grounded membership

Extreme Bible Study:The Book and Its Plot : 

Extreme Bible Study:The Book and Its Plot Traditional Bible organization The case for chronological organization

Theme, Conflict, Characters, Setting : 

Theme, Conflict, Characters, Setting The Bible IS literature vs. the Bible AS literature Theme: Genesis 3 – restoration of fallen man Conflict: Good vs. Evil Protagonist: Jesus Antagonist: Satan Setting: Middle Eastern region/Southern Europe

The Plot : 

The Plot Exposition Inciting Moment Rising Action Crisis Falling Action Moment of Final Suspense Denouement Genesis 1 & 2 Genesis 3 Old Testament Resurrection New Testament Final Judgment Revelation 22

Tale of Two Theologies : 

Tale of Two Theologies Covenant Theology Based upon various covenants cut with man Involved a bilateral agreement between a higher authority and a lesser individual Involved shedding blood Promise Theology Based upon God’s promises to man Unilateral – God will fulfill promise no matter what man does

To Work or Not to Work … : 

To Work or Not to Work … Covenant requires work on behalf of both God and man Results in gospel of works Promise requires work on only God’s part Results in salvation by grace/faith

5 Major Promises : 

5 Major Promises Edenic Promise: Genesis 3:14 Abrahamic Promise: Genesis 12:1-3 Davidic Promise: 2 Samuel 7:16 Promise Renewed: Jeremiah 31:31 Promise Fulfilled: The Gospels

Slide 11: 

Edenic Promise All Mankind Abrahamic Promise A Nation Davidic Promise A Family Promise Renewed A People Promise Fulfilled One Man, Jesus Pentecost - Jerusalem A City Judea A Nation Samaria People Uttermost All Mankind

Point of View : 

Point of View 1st Person Sees only the immediate Limited Omniscient Sees into the distance though as through a fog Omniscient Sees from all perspectives including “satellite” view. Knows all – sees all – reveals on a “need to know” basis

Preparing for Study : 

Preparing for Study Pray Read List Pre-understandings Everything we know Or think we know

Evaluate the Literary Context : 

Evaluate the Literary Context Literary Style Narrative Poetry Wisdom Prophetic Parable Didactic Apocalyptic

Evaluate Historical Context : 

Evaluate Historical Context Author Audience Date of Writing Place of Writing Purpose Internal and External Evidence

Determine Thought Structure : 

Determine Thought Structure Thought structure (paragraphing) Normal grammatical rules apply Topic sentences Supporting sentences Outline on basis of discovery NOT preconceived ideas

Word by Word Study : 

Word by Word Study Words mean something Word studies Contextual understanding Sentence structure

Determine Doctrinal Context : 

Determine Doctrinal Context Begin to draw conclusions Boil conclusions to a single sentence statement using the language of the passage Check conclusions against standard theological understandings Compare conclusions to rest of the Word Peer evaluation Develop checks and balances Prevent “off the wall” conclusions

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