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ST.Pascual Baylon Academy Inc.:

ST.Pascual Baylon Academy Inc. RECREATIONAL MATHEMATICS ( Project In Mathematics)

Recreational Mathematics:

Recreational Mathematics is an umbrella term, referring to mathematical puzzles and mathematical games . Not all problems in this field require a knowledge of advanced mathematics, and thus, recreational mathematics often attracts the curiosity of non-mathematicians, and inspires their further study of mathematics.

ExampLes of a Recreational mathematics..,,:

ExampLes of a Recreational mathematics..,,

Numbering and pages ::

Numbering and pages : To number a book from 1 up to its last page took 552 digits. How many pages are there in the book?

Answer ::

Answer :

Other example is ,,.. xD:

Other example is ,,.. xD

The Fork in the Road :

The Fork in the Road There's a fork in the road to Heaven, where one way leads to Hell. At this fork in the road, two twin brothers live who are exactly alike, except that one always tells the truth and the other one always lies. What single question can you ask one of them to find the way to Heaven? This simple riddle is probably an ancient one (in one form or another), but we don't know anything about its history. Please, let us know if you do.


Answer: Point to one of the two ways and ask one brother this simple question. If he answers "Yes" it's the way to Heaven, if he says "No", run the other way.

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