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How did you attract/address your audience? :

How did you attract/address your audience?

What did you include in your magazine to make it attractive to your target audience? :

What did you include in your magazine to make it attractive to your target audience? The first part of my magazine my reader is going to see is my front cover. When the front cover looks interesting to the reader they are going to buy the magazine. The cover needs to catch the target audience eye to make them want spend money on buying the magazine. Firstly, for my front cover instead of having loads of photographs on the cover which could distracted the reader from the main image on the page. I used my article girl band group (Candy Girls) to file up the whole page. I used the image as a background and as my main image. The next part of my front cover that was important was the Master heading. I wanted to make Poptastic stand out to the target audience when looking at the cover. I need to make the master heading really girl, so I used a light pink as the background and the word was coloured in with a dark pink. When writing about tour tickets I put the texts into a star shape and then wrote the text in a dark pink colour. When writing the cover lines I put them into the colour white to make the cover lines stand out from the background image that I had used. At the bottom of the magazine I put a website address, so that the reader who reads the magazine would be able to look up the website of the magazine as well as read the magazine. My target audience is between 13 and 15, so I decided when you are a teenager girl at that age you are going to want to buy a girl magazine , but you would also want to buy a magazine that you could enter competitions. At the bottom of my page at the right hand side I made a listened of things that you could win when buying the magazine and enter the competitions.( DVDS, CDS and game console)

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To contract the audience with my contents page I made sure it was bright and easy to understand. I made sure that the contents contain the information that my target audience will be able to understand and will be interested in reading about it. The target audience (13 to15) that I am doing this magazine for are going to look to see bright colours on the magazine and even some girl colours. With the background colour I decided to use purple as I the background because I felt the colour went with the target audience that I am aiming for and went well with the other colours used on the page. With a contents page the word contents has to appear some where on the page because my target audience is a younger audience I decided to make the word in bold and have a blue behind the word. When I was writing the contents information I decided to keep the words simply and clear for the target audience to be able to understand the contents. I add posters to my contents because young teenager girls like to put poster on the bedroom walls of the stars they like to listen to and admire in life. When I was putting the photographs on the page I put the images at a different angle, instead of having the images straight.

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With my double page spread I made sure that it was easy to understand. I used on my double page spread I used bright colours like green, dark blue, light blue, purple and dark pink. I had a white background colour to make the colours on the page easy to understand. Keep my target audience in mind when creating the double page spread I made the page look and feel like the page is aimed for the younger audience. To do this i created a really girl band name and with the name I put it across the top of the page in a bold black. Behind the name to create a really girl feel I put a bright pink. When I was creating the double page spread I made sure that the language was easy to understand and interesting to the reader. With my double page spread I used a variety of photographs to show the girls that were in the band in a different light. When take the photographs I took images of the girls jumping, hugging, standing against a wall and as a group standing against a wall. Candy Girls

Why would someone want to buy your magazine? :

Why would someone want to buy your magazine? My target audience would want to buy magazine because my magazines offers a wide range of information. People would want to buy magazine because my magazine is cheaper than some magazines. Also my magazine only comes out every two weeks. People would want to buy my magazine because I have got exclusive interviews with new stars and a inside look into stars that you don’t hear about everyday. My magazine offers personal help to younger people who may have problems. My magazine isn’t just for one social group because the magazine offers a range of information that will interested different teenage girls.

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