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Abbey's Story:

Abbey's Story This is

At 14 months of age Abbey was listed for Liver Transplantation.:

At 14 months of age Abbey was listed for Liver Transplantation.

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The Following video was taken while Abbey waited at the top of Victoria’s Liver Transplant list.

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After 4 weeks of continual fever, a heart rate of 160bpm, and a respiratory rate of 60bpm, Abbey was unable to even roll-over in her own bed.

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Multiple abscesses had ruptured through her liver’s capsule.

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An inflammatory mass had encased her transverse colon.

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Abbey was dying.

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184 people are listed as currently awaiting Liver transplant in Australia.

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Then as hope was fading

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A Health Professional Asked.

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A family, in the midst of unbelievable sorrow, said “yes”.

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` And a team was mobilised.

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` Abbey was prepared for the operation of her life

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` . (Anaesthetic waiting bay, Transplant Day).

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` 14 hours later…

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A life was transformed.

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Within days of transplant: Abbey was able to sit.

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At one week post transplant: Abbey ate solid food for the first time.

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And within weeks was home.

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` Please

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` www.donatelife.gov.au Please visit:

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