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The Jazz Age

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When did the Jazz Age occur? The Jazz Age, also known as the “Roaring Twenties”, originally started at the beginning of the 1920’s. Overall, it was the beginning of an era where jazz music, dancing, sports, and art became popular. The era ended at the start of the Great Depression in the 1930’s.

Who was given credit for the start of the actual jazz? :

Who was given credit for the start of the actual jazz? Jazz was originally credited more towards African Americans. As it expanded, it became more acceptable towards middle-class whites. Eventually it was pretty much taken over by the white population. Big cities like Chicago and New York became cultural centers for jazz. It was music that was enjoyed and performed by both whites and blacks, and jazz played by African Americans was played on radios in Urban areas more than suburb areas.

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Art Fads Spectator Sports What made the Roaring Twenties “Roaring”? Music Inventions Technology Transportation Fashion Flappers Radio Movies Magazines Newspapers AND MUCH MORE….

Music & Dancing :

Music & Dancing POPULAR DANCING….. Swing Dance The Charleston Ball Room Dancing Foxtrot Waltz Tango

Inventions and Fads:

Inventions and Fads A FEW INVENTIONS…. Band-Aide (1920) Q-Tips (1920) Bull Dozer (1923) Liquid Fuel Rocket (1926) Bread Slicer (1927) A FEW POPULAR FADS…. Flagpole Sitting Bright red lipstick for women Speakeasies Crossword Puzzle Stockings Flappers PB & J (1920’s) Smoking

Art and Literature:

Art and Literature In 1925, F. Scott Fitzgerald publishes the Great Gatsby. The book today is a standard high school and University book for courses on American Literature. In 1926, Alan Alexander Milne publishes Winnie the Pooh. Winnie the Pooh, today, is still a great book enjoyed by many youngsters. In 1927, The Jazz Singer becomes the first talkie. It was the first film to use spoken words.


Fashion Fashion in women starting in the 1920’s consisted of wearing short skirts, keeping their hair very short, wearing bright red lipstick, and wearing loads of other makeup.

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WHY I CHOSE THIS…. I chose this topic to make my PowerPoint because I thought it was really cool and interesting to see what it really was like to be in the 1920’s. I got to learn about inventions that we still use today that we probably take for granted. I also got to learn about new music, fashion, some strange fads (like flagpole sitting), and about the history of the whole jazz period. It was fun to learn and research the things that people invented and did in the 1920’s that may be still alive today!


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