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Modern “American Gothic”:

Jon Crawford Modern “American Gothic”

Original “American Gothic” by Grant Wood:

Original “American Gothic” by Grant Wood

My Interpretation of the new-aged “American Gothic”:

My Interpretation of the new-aged “American Gothic”

American Gothic:

American Gothic The original image is portraying the average American family in the 1930’s and their roles within the family structure. The woman is wearing an apron inferring that she is a homemaker and her role includes tasks inside the home. The man is holding a pitchfork which is resembling that he does the labor and farm work outside of the home. The house shown behind the family is an older, gothic style house with the red barn also displayed in the background.

Modern American Gothic:

Modern American Gothic The new image is displaying the average American family in the 21 st century and depicting the immense changes in the past 80 years. The woman is dressed in business attire speaking on her blackberry resembling that she has a job outside of being a homemaker. The man is also in business attire conducting business on his laptop depicting how technological advances have reformed our work and personal lives.


Conclusion Lives as we know it are much different those of the early 1900’s.We live in a digital age dominated by technology. My purpose in recreating Grant Wood’s “American Gothic” was to ultimately depict the changes in our society and how roles in the family have evolved from where they were years ago. I wanted to show this, but also maintain the integrity and overall likeness of the original image. The reality is, with as many changes that have taken place, at the end of the day the family values and goals essentially remain the same.

The End:

The End

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