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Look Look Look A Book About Animal Characteristics:

Look Look Look A Book About Animal Characteristics

Slide 2:

What am I?

Slide 3:

I am a shell on a turtle.

Slide 5:

What am I?

Slide 6:

I am a flipper on a bottle-nosed dolphin.

Slide 8:

What am I?

Slide 9:

I am a feather in a peacock’s tail.

Slide 11:

What am I?

Slide 12:

I am a tusk on a warthog.

Slide 13:

Photo by Chris Johns

Slide 14:

What am I?

Slide 15:

I am the teeth of a great white shark.

Slide 16:

Picture by David Doubilet

Slide 17:

What am I?

Slide 18:

I am the spots on the exo-skeleton of a lady bug.

Slide 19:

What am I?

Slide 20:

I am the stripes on the body of a bee.

Slide 22:

What am I?

Slide 23:

I am the feathers on a flamingo.