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A Better You By Tomorrow:

Tips, Tricks and Insight on Improving Your Inside and Outside A Better You By Tomorrow By Mia Ruffin

My Project:

My Project Starting in August I attended beauty classes lead by my mentor Karen Spriggs. We discussed, among other things, makeup and marketing skills. While I am much more aware of the makeup world than I was before, I learned things facts and tricks that pertained to simply being beautiful and I want to share them with you. Hopefully by the end of this presentation, you’ll be closer to kicking it with a guy that looks like this. <3

“The skin I’m in…”:

“The skin I’m in…” Skin tone Skin care Irritants and aids

Skintones &You:

Skintones &You

Do you have…:

Warm undertones? Cool undertones? My skin is: Very dark brown with reddish or blue undertones Brown with pink undertone True olive (most Asians and Latinos) Medium with no color in cheeks Medium with faint pink cheeks Pale with no color in cheeks Pale with pink undertones Ruddy-pinkish red Brown or bronze when I tan Simply it’s ivory, peach, golden brown, beige, coppery, or deep golden brown My skin is: Very dark brown with golden undertones Brown with golden undertone Medium with golden undertones Pale with peach or gold undertones Golden brown, when I tan Simply it’s rosy-pink, rosy-beige, dark olive, dark brown, or ebony Do you have…

Other Distinguishing Characteristics:

Warm? Cool? Black looks amazing on. Pure white looks good. Jewel tones are complementary. Veins show up as green. Black washes skin out. Ivory looks much better. Earth tones are complementary. Veins show up as blue. Other Distinguishing Characteristics

So what the heck does that all mean?:

Warm undertones… Cool undertones… Wear sunscreen. Gold or bronze jewelry are complementary. Eye shadows: mettalics such as copper and silvers Skin has habit of tanning before burning. Silvers are complementary. Eye shadows: blues and pastels So what the heck does that all mean?

What do you think?:

What do you think? If you had to assign an undertone to each of these people, which one would you?

Skin Care:

Skin Care I’m going to keep it simple for the fact that skin is a very multidimensional item. It’s sensitive to genetics, weather, hormones, etc. What can be said is that there are ways to maintain it’s health and moisture.

Skin Care:

Skin Types 3 Simple Steps Normal Dry Oily [most prevalent in blacks] Combination Sensitive Each requires different variations of the 3 step regiment. Exfoliate with a gentle, non abrasive face wash. Tone skin with a simple astringent, like witch hazel. Moisturize daily with a cream that has an SPF in excess of 15. Skin Care

Irritants and Aids:

Irritants and Aids Good ole baking soda shows up again. A dash of it in your face wash once or twice a week leads to a smoother surface. Wash upward and outward with lukewarm water. What Your Skin Can’t Stand: Smoking and cigarette smoke Alcohol Constant unblocked sunlight Dirty hands

“A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks.”:

“A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks.” Teeth Nails Fragrance


Teeth About 28 by adulthood Fall out due to health, not age Natural enemies: plaque, tartar, cavities, sugars, not flossing, gingivitis


Teeth Ideal toothbrush: small head, soft bristles. Clean a toothbrush with by sitting it in a warm glass of water and baking soda overnight, though it should be replaced every 2-3 months. Plaque buildup? Dip floss into baking soda &get it in! Brushing in circles leads to the most effective cleaning.

Teeth &Bad Breath:

Teeth &Bad Breath Suck on cinnamon- literally! The sweet taste and scent will make any breath better. FLOSS! Had onions recently? Swish some water and baking soda [again!] around Suck a lemon Chew parsley Got coffee breath? Eat an apple. Yeah, that’s really it!


Essentials DO NOT Nail clippers [replace every year] Emery boards Orangewood sticks Both base and top coats Pick your cuticles [may lead to infection or torn skin] Bite your nails [lead to rough, weak nails] Apply nail lacquer without a base coat; can yellow or weaken nail. Nails


Nails Whether you’re dealing with feet or hands: Apply a base coat and allow to dry. Apply a thin layer of chosen nail closer in three strokes [one down middle, one on each side] and allow for 2 to 3 min between each coat to dry. Apply top coat and wrap brush over edge of nail.

Nail Colors: Cool:

Nail Colors: Cool

Nail Colors: Warm:

Nail Colors: Warm


The Low Down DO NOT Scent attractiveness is subjective; what smells amazing to you make be disgusting to another. Every one has their own chemical makeup, causing a single scent to potentially smell countless ways. It is best to apply a sample to body before buying. Wear the same scent all year; i.e. florals are great in the summer. Rub fragrance into skin [may disturb chemical balances]. Spray onto hair. Spray onto clothes. Spray onto jewelry. Fragrance

Fragrance Families:

Fragrance Families Florals : reminiscent of flower bouquets and gardens; have a sense of romanticism Fruity : sweet and refreshing; very playful Greens : invigorating and clean, crisp scents, reminiscent of leaves; direct opposite of florals Chyphres : cool and foresty; woody, mossy, earthy Orientals : sultry, exotic, spicy; sophiscticated

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