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Advance English and Communication Skills:

Advance English and Communication Skills TOPIC News Channel Is The Dose Of Laughter MBA (TOURISM & HOSPITALITY) 3 rd sem.

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If you don't laugh, you're going to cry! So why not laugh! Life is hard! Times change, people change, but one thing that never changes is the joy and satisfaction of a good laugh! Laughter can ease the pain, relax the stress and just make you feel good! Laughter can break the ice, calm the storm and make a friend. So why not do it!! Whether you laugh yourself, make others laugh or just get a good feeling within your soul, laughter is not only the best medicine it is sometimes the only way you can make it through a day! Laughter is a needy activity for all people. We have to laugh. Sometimes life gets so hard that it is hard to find anything to laugh about.

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India TV – Laughter @ its best!! It a point to watch India TV everyday for about fifteen minutes to half an hour . Like the usual viewers of India TV, I am not looking for current news on this so called news channel but the main idea is to relax a bit after hectic travelling and work throughout the day . If you watch it with your friends, the daily prime time dose of India TV is good enough to ease the tension . Avoid the crap of this news channel but to be very honest, somehow many people see this channel at least 15 minutes daily. So far as India TV is concerned, it plays its role to the best by making a great story everyday which has nothing to do with the current events . India TV is a shame on all the news Channel and Indian media . They have to talk about all the crap in the world and every week they decide on the date when the entire world will perish.

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I ndi a TV – Laughter @ its best!! Lately , Pakistan is their prime time topic and they way they make the headlines is really funny - 'Pakistan jhoota hai ... Jardari miya kaha jaoge bach je ab...'. Some of the best one which I remeber are - ' Paijama 2 inch neech aur jaan gayi ' - This is with respect to some fatwa in Taliban . 'Truck dhabe mein ghusa , billi (Cat) ki poonch baddi ho gayi , nag aur naagin ki prem kahani , Swarg jaane ka raashta (This is another favorite of India TV), Pataal ka raashta and the list is endless. Everything which they show on their channel is undoubtedbly the BREAKING NEWS irrespective of the fact that whatever they show has no co-relation with other sensible news channel and current event of the country.

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Check out some of the news of India TV

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Viewer of India TV Channels Comment India TV is a news channel with no conscience or sense of moral responsibility.......but to be honest, i watch it everyday for 15 min, because its entertaining and hilarious. They have virtually changed the definition of BREAKING NEWS.....currently i'm watching " KYA DHARTI KHATAM HONE WALI HAI ??" on India TV........If there was ever an award for best crap on tv , india tv would win it hands down..... Definitely these people are creating a fake image of our media & broadcasting industry, establishing wrong notion in the minds of a common man, strict action should be taken against them, otherwise people will lost there faith from news channels. I remember last time i was with friends watching TV and nothing interesting was on, the guys agreed in tandem to switch to India TV... atleast we could have some laugh since they were showing ' naag aur naagin ki shaadi '. Another one which i remember is when i was in pune - ' aaj darwaja band rakhna , warna alien aayega aur aapko le jayega ' and 'rat 10 baje remote ko haath mat lagana , usme current aayega '. I think they should change it to comedy channel but then they will lose viewers looking for news and will only be left with comedy fans who are there anyways.

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INDIATV STUPID BREAKING NEWS A collection of funny stupid and senseless news from news channel INDIA TV / INDIATV. which is Deteriorating standards of the Indian Media. Here India TV is trying all tricks to scare you... Aur India TV aur ounke " kalyugi " reporters ka bhi

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I think india tv should start writing scripts for bollywood movies....we are seriously falling short of new scripts from past 40 years of indian cinema dont you think a story with pyaz mangne wali chudail,khooni ped,yamlok (with a duck as pehredaar ),a billo rani on chaaja,shortcuts to devlok and yamlok and hpw can we forget aaadha insaan rock....specially when the hero and heroine are a bhaag and bhaagin in love..... Can't imagine what would the impact be on children if they watch this kind of stuff which is totally fake..

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This type of news channels show these type of useless news which is harmful for children.

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India TV Always Telecast These Type of Useless news. In it nothing important but its like Dose of Laughter.

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Conclusion:- Now a days most of the news channels foced on their brand mage only nothing else. It make only suspense. It gives harmful impact on children's. It always show news such in a big way , every little news. That’s why we are able to say that now a days news channels can only become a dose of laughter.

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